Friday, October 28, 2011

Gotta Love Elves!

It is so hard to figure out just exactly how to present The Sidhe and share the stories. There is a side of me that wants to be professional about it, and then there is the excited fan side of me that just wants to gush about the characters and stories with gleeful excitement. Finding a balance is a challenge. So I have given myself permission to start a personal blog where I can let my dork flag fly.

I have loved elves since I can remember. I used to read Dragonlance novels and I collected every Elfquest comic book that was printed. The magic, the grace and the beauty of the elves captivated me. When I was older I learned of the noble elves of Celtic myth, known as the Sidhe. I devoured all I could find about them, which was not much. Even still, when I fell into role-playing on the internet, my first character was a Sidhe. And so was the second, the third, the fourth and so on! Twice over the course of several years I have been a part of a large group of role-players. And even when I was gaming one on one, it was always my Sidhe characters that I played. Living in their skins, seeing the world through their perspective, and reacting to a slew of unpredictable vampires, shape-shifters, witches, deities and a smattering of various other oddities. These experiences shaped the characters and their stories in marvelous ways.

Lugh has long been by most popular character. Bold and noble. Egotistical, but with a sense of humor about it. When my fingers hover over the keys, and it is time for Lugh to come forth and do his thing, it is like channeling. He is his own person and he wouldn't have it any other way. My writing partner, Ravynheart, played Donovan in our role-playing group, and the two of them are electric as opponents. I love every second of it.

*Spoiler alert!*

One of the most exciting things about writing The Sidhe with Ravynheart is that we get to share the adventures we've built with you. You get a taste of their conflict to come in "End of the World" and "Aftershock". Over the next few books both sides work to rebuild what they lost when the Mounds collapsed, unaware that the other one survived. Once they catch wind of each other, the fey fur is going to fly!

*End Spoiler*

More than anything I hope that you enjoy the adventure and excitement. I live in this fantasy world. I live through these characters. I've been doing it for several years. My gaming partners have always been excited to see what new twist will come and have enjoyed the quality of my writing. (I have written under other pen names and been working at the craft for over a decade.) I am geeked at the chance to bring this world and these characters to life for you to enjoy, too.

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