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In Whom You Trust (prequel to the Champion of the Sidhe series)

 Coming Feb 2nd!

You'll be able to read the entire short story “In Whom You Trust” online. We will be hosting the blog hop for the story, which will be posted in 6 parts over 6 different blogs.

"In Whom you Trust" is a prequel to the Champion of the Sidhe series, an urban fantasy adventure. Begin your journey at http://feycast.blogspot.com for part 1 on Feb 2nd after 8am EST. Follow the links at the bottom of each section to go to the next part of the story.

Not only are we sharing “In Whom You Trust” for your enjoyment, but we are also having an awesome giveaway with this blog hop! This is how you play: Leave a comment at the bottom of ALL 6 parts of the story. Make sure you include your email address or we can't send you your prize! During the month of February 2012, every single person that leaves a comment on all 6 parts will receive ebook copies of End of the World (Champion of the Sidhe #1) and Champion of the Fey (Champion of the Sidhe #2). And at the end of the month ONE winner will be selected to receive the uber prize package of ALL 3 of The Sidhe mini-series (Champion of the SidheRise of the Unseelie, and Touched) 15 ebooks in all. (Note: Each mini-series is 5 books long. Books 1 and 2 for each series will be awarded immediately. Books 3 will be released in the Spring, books 4 in the Summer, and books 5 in the Fall.)

Hope you will join us for this blog hop!

Blog Tour Stop #16:

 The wonderful Full Moon Bites blog spotlighted Cursed today on their blog. It includes the blurb, what people are saying about the book, and a little about yours truly. :)

Thank you Holly (@fullmoonbites) for being a sweet blog tour hostess!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Addicted (Touched #2) Excerpt


Chapter One 
(This story begins two weeks before the final scenes in Scars of Silver: Rise of the Unseelie #2)

“Are you sure he’s Sidhe? Not just some other kind of fey?” The very notion that the four young vampires across from her might lead her to a Sidhe catapulted her heart into a frenzied beat. It was all London could do not to reach across the booth and snatch one of them and demand they lead her to him. Knowing that they might still have a wisp of his magic embedded in their bodies had her fingers curling, wanting to tear open their flesh to get at it. That’s how horribly the addiction shredded her. Even the barest notion of Sidhe magic slashed at her sanity. The Sidhe Touch was the only thing that could give her relief from the growing, aching desire. London hated it. Hated that this obsession possessed her so mercilessly, destroying the life she’d once known, eliminating the freedom she’d once taken for granted.

Digging her nails into her palms, London fought within herself to pull free of the fixation long enough to focus on this conversation.

She leaned forward, her elbows on the more-clean-than-not table. The circle of faint light from the hanging bulb overhead left the corners of the booth in partial shadow. The bar catered to parahumans, so was darker than most. Vamps and weres, with their sharp night vision, didn’t require a lot of light to see by. As a human accustomed to the ways of the parahumans, it didn’t faze London. The place had a stripped down appearance -- all dark wood furniture and paneling, hardy furnishings that didn’t break easily. The seats didn’t even have any cushioning. No pictures or what-nots on the walls that would become debris when fights broke out, less to have to clean up. Clearly a bar owned by weres, rather than vampires. Not that they discriminated.

The young vampires in the circular booth glanced at each other, each waiting for one of the others to answer her question. London knew newbie vampires when she spotted them. The lack of confidence was telling. They were separated into couples, which was another giveaway. In another few decades they wouldn’t waste time playing the boyfriend/girlfriend game.

“Well, they said he was a Sidhe, you know? But for real, how would you know if he’s Sidhe or not? Is there some kind of sign?” Charnel, the blonde girl in the white leather bustier leaned forward, giving London a far better view than she wanted.

“All fey have magic in their blood. But the Sidhe, they are something special. Something more.” London understood parahumans. She negotiated their world almost like one of them. Not like the fey. She’d not been prepared for them at all, especially not the Sidhe. Even this barest thought of them sent her mind tripping compulsively back into unwanted remembrance.

Get Addicted with Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords.

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End of the World Blog Tour Schedule

Feb 2 - "In Whom You Trust" Blog Hop

Feb 1 - Reading and Writing Urban Fantasy (review & giveaway)
Feb 3 - AO Bibliophile (End of the World announcement)
Feb 6 - Fade into Fantasy (guest post)
Feb 6 - Gathering Leaves Reviews (review)
Feb 7 - AO Bibliophile (giveaway)
Feb 8 - Fantasy Cookie (review)
Feb 9 - Fantasy Book Chick (guest post & giveaway)
Feb 10 - Owl Tell You About It (guest post)
Feb 13 - New, Borrowed, Used (review)
Feb 14 - New, Borrowed, Used (guest post & giveaway)
Feb 14 - Full Moon Bites (Spotlight Tuesday)

Casting Call - Kev

 Robbie Amell would be a nice addition to our fantasy casting for Cursed in the role of the hot wood elf, Kev. Check out this snippet and see if you can't just picture him in this scene with London.


The lights along the promenade gleamed as bright as a spotlight after the darkness on the pier. London struggled to orient herself. Even at this hour, the late-night weekend crowd still milled about. The volume of conversation and music sounded loud to her unaccustomed ears. Arms still embraced her securely, holding her steady. A solid and warm body pressed against her back. The voice was seductively low, “We are safe. Be easy.”

London glanced back at the elf that held her. She would not have guessed from having seen him cramped in that small cage with the others that he was this tall or toned. Gently, she disengaged his arms from around her waist. “Okay, you’ve copped enough of a feel for one rescue.” The elf laughed at that, but they both knew he’d been getting a bit more touchy feely than the situation called for. Anybody who knew anything about the fey knew they were a casually sexual bunch. A lot like vampires on that score, only without the feeding part. Well, usually without the feeding part, but not always.


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Blog Tour Stop #15:

The wonderful Anjana of the Kindle and Me blog is hosting a giveaway of the Touched series. Sign up to win the entire 5-book mini-series!

Thank you Anjana (@anjanavasan) for sharing the Touched series with everyone and being a sweet blog tour hostess!

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Red - Already Over

@RegencyEmma rocks at picking songs for the Glamour Club! Thanks for this suggestion for Malcolm in the Rise of the Unseelie series. It fits him perfectly!

Enjoy: Red - Already Over

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blog Tour Stop #14:

 Today we visit Fantasy Book Chick for the Cursed Blog Tour. I had a great interview with her and I hope you find it interesting.We get into some of the twists and turns of the book, the villains, and the best part about writing the series. They are also hosting a giveaway of the entire Touched series, so sign up to win!

A big Thank You to Jamie (@jjbeachgirl77) , the lovely Fantasy Book Chick, for being a fabulous blog tour hostess!

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Hatter/Alice - Chemical Attraction

This Glamour Club song for the Touched series was suggested by the lovely @RegencyEmma who has awesome taste in music. The only video I could find was this fan made video that uses clips from the SyFy channel show Alice. Thanks for the song, Emma!

Enjoy: The Murder of my Sweet - Chemical Attraction

My Darkest Days - Come Undone

This is an excellent song for London throughout the Touched series. Some of the lines from this song that really fit are "Who do you need? Who do you love, when you come undone?" and "Is this something real? Or the magic I'm feeding off your fingers?"

enjoy: My Darkest Days - Come Undone

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Blog Tour Stop #13:

We are back at the wonderful Chocolate Chunky Munkie blog today! This time for a giveaway and a guest post about the new trends in ebooks.

Thank you again Jenny (@Jensi555) for hosting the tour for two days! You've been awesome!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Casting Call - Deacon

 Zachary Quinto would make an awesome Changeling, especially in the role of Deacon in Cursed. He definitely makes our fantasy cast for the Touched series, with that wicked look. Check out Deacon in this snippet and see if you can't just picture Zachary Quinto in this scene.


London scrambled to back away. Belatedly, she reached for her gun. Her grasp didn’t even come close. Deacon’s companions descended on her from behind, hooking her arms and twisting them up behind her back. She yelped at the pain, which only made them laugh.

Deacon held his blade out at a downward angle. The blood dripped from the tip. He snatched her jaw and jerked her face up to meet his cruel glare. “Look who is screwing with the elves.” He snapped his teeth just shy of the tip of her nose. “Playing wicked games. Wicked, wicked human.”


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Blog Tour Stop 11:

Check out the fabulous interview between myself and Jennifer of Reading and Writing Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance! I had such a great time with the interview. We talked in depth about a lot of the writing process and story development. I hope you find it very interesting! Don't forget to sign up for the giveaway!

Thanks again Jennifer (@JenniferBielman)! You rock as a blog tour hostess!

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Blog Tour Stop 10:

The Cursed blog tour comes to Urban Fantasy Reviews today. Kate gave the story a wonderful review! My favorite line was: "It ends with just the right amount of cliff hanger, and has quality writing within." I'm so jazzed to hear folks are enjoying the story so much!

Thank you Kate (@UFantasyReviews) for hosting the tour and for making me feel so welcome!

Blog Tour Stop #9:

What an awesome review of Cursed! Besides the fabulous 4 1/2 star rating, the review was wonderful, very insightful without giving away any spoilers. There was so many great lines, that I can't pick my favorite, but I'll go with this one: " No doubt in my mind, I will be reading this whole series and the two companion series that go with it." I love hearing that, because I can't wait to share more of the world of The Sidhe with everyone!

Thank you @JenniferBielman for being a wonderful blog hostess, and I am jazzed about the next few days where we will be visiting you again!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Breaking Benjamin - Breath

I love this song for London Eyer. The lyrics fit perfect with her story line throughout the Touched mini-series. So much so that I'm going to include the lyrics here, so you can see for yourself.

Breaking Benjamin - Breath (lyrics)

I see nothing in your eyes,
And the more I see the less I like
Is it over yet?
In my head?

I know nothing of your kind,
And I won't reveal your evil mind
Is it over yet?
I can't win

So sacrifice yourself
And let me have what's left
I know that I can find
A fire in your eyes
I'm going all the way
Get away, please

You take the breath right out of me
You left a hole where my heart should be
You've gotta fight just to make it through
Cause I will be the death of you

This will be all over soon,
(This will be all over soon),
Pour the salt into the open wound
Is it over yet?
Let me in

So sacrifice yourself
And let me have what's left
I know that I can find
A fire in your eyes
I'm going all the way
Get away, please

You take the breath right out of me
You left a hole where my heart should be
You've gotta fight just to make it through
Cause I will be the death of you

I'm waiting
I'm praying
Start hating

You take the breath right out of me
You left a hole where my heart should be
You've gotta fight just to make it through
Cause I will be the death of you

In case you didn't notice, I'm a huge fan of Breaking Benjamin! Which is why so many of their songs are showing up in the Glamour Club videos and in the stories.

enjoy: Breaking Benjamin - Breath

Blog Tour Stop #8:

I'm excited to see the review for Cursed on the Chocolate Chunky Munkie book review blog! I love hearing this: "This is has only whet my appetite for more of the stories." I can't wait to hear what she thinks about the other The Sidhe books, especially in Addicted, the second book in the Touched mini-series.

Thank you Jenny (@Jensi555) for being a sweet blog tour hostess and for the 4-star rating! Looking forward to the guest post on your site next week!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Casting Call - Selena

 Kate Hudson is our pick for the sleek vampire Selena in the Touched series. When she has seduction in her eyes you can almost see those lovely fangs ready to sink into your neck. Here's a snippet from Cursed, where you get a taste for Selena's vampire lure.


Selena appeared to be enjoying Rico immensely. Her formfitting red dress pulled nicely over her bottom, which swayed as she slithered against him. London couldn’t see her friend’s face, but the moans and writhing made her enjoyment hardly a mystery.

London wasn’t the only spectator. One of the vamp bouncers from the club stood guard by the door. His mouth worked some and London suspected that he was licking at his fangs. The stud on the couch apparently didn’t just affect women. Or was it just a blood thing that had the vamp staring like a beta wolf waiting for his chance at the kill?

London doubted that he’d get his turn. Not with the two bodyguards watching the scene from the other side of the immaculately furnished room. Their jackets had been tossed aside so nothing impeded their access to the multiple holstered weapons strapped to their chests and hips. That was fine by London. She was armed, too. Both of the bodyguards were decent looking. London would have even admitted that they were hot, but next to the guy sprawled under Selena, they didn’t even begin to compare. No, he was stunning enough to make a smart woman do stupid things.

This scene had all the earmarks of a business feeding, with both sides bringing backup to make sure the transaction came off smoothly. One of the bodyguards glanced at his watch. “Time.”

The muscles in the stud’s forearms flexed as he pushed Selena back, controlling her by her hair. Her neck arched back as she glanced over her shoulder at London. Blood glistened on her teeth, but had not dribbled down her chin. Uncharacteristically tidy for a vampire. Selena hadn’t permitted even a single drop to escape. Even still, she licked her lips. She turned her glare on the bodyguards as she stroked her hands over the man’s body one last time before dismounting, as if daring them to say anything about it.


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Blog Tour Stop #7:

The blog tour visited The Book Hook-up blog today, where Ana took the time to review Cursed and do a Q&A with me about the story and the series. Ana asked some really good questions, and I really enjoyed chatting with her. The review was awesome! She put Cursed on the second shelf, which means "This book was great! I will recommend it to lots of people. I'll lend it to you if you want, but please make sure to return it, I might want to read it again." That's great to hear!

A big Thank You to Ana (@BeingBold) for being a wonderful blog tour hostess!

Blog Tour Stop #6:

We are back at Gathering Leaves today, for an interview and a giveaway! It was a great time and I hope you enjoy reading the interview! She asked a lot of great questions and the conversation was really cool. Sing up today for the giveaway! We are giving away the entire Touched series to one lucky winner!

Thanks again Gathering Leaves for being an awesome blog tour hostess!

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Blog Tour Stop #5:

Today we are Gathering Leaves blog and she has done a really nice review of Cursed. I hope you all come by and check it out. From the review: "I cannot wait to dive into the next installment of Touched." We are hearing that alot, and I am am pleased to announce that the second book, Addicted, is also available now.

Thank you Gathering Leaves for the 5-star review and for being a fabulous hostess!

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Blog Tour Stop #4

Come on over to their blog to read a review of Cursed. My favorite lines from the review: "Her problem of having been Touched is achieved quickly, though, lending her the uniqueness of aching for a Fey.  Anybody who’s been a while without getting laid can relate to that." LOL! I love that!

Thanks Amanda for being a wonderful tour hostess and for the wonderful 4-star rating and review!

Florence + The Machine - Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up)

We asked our Twitter followers for a Glamour Club suggestion for London and the Touched series. A big thanks to @RFLong for this suggestion! (RF Long is an awesome writer who loves the fey. Check out her website: http://www.rflong.com )

Have a suggestion for a Glamour Club video? Hit me up on Twitter, or email me at Archer@SidheTouch .com

enjoy: Florence + The Machine - Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Release!

Touched: Part 2

Suffering from the addiction to the Sidhe Touch, London is obsessed with finding a source of magic that can ease her curse. Unfortunately, premium magic like the Touch comes with one a heck of a high price tag. Working off the debt she’s racked up to the dealer may well terminate her addiction once and for all, because nothing’s more dangerous than doing a Changeling’s dirty work.

Check it out on Kindle US, Kindle UK, and Smashwords (Nook and PDF editions)

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Cursed Blog Tour Stop #3:

Guest post: A Seductive Curse. A sensual encounter that gives you first-hand experience of what the Sidhe Touch is like and how it affects humans like London, in the first book of her series, Cursed. Check out the post on A Simple Love of Reading blog.

A big thank you to Amy for being an awesome hostess!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Enigma - Touchness

The Touched mini-series is Urban Fantasy, but there are some very sensual moments. A song like Touchness by Enigma captures some of that desire that London feels for the Sidhe Touch.

enjoy: Enigma - Touchness

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Casting Call - Rico

 Enrique Iglesia would be perfect as Rico, the Sidhe hottie in Cursed. No one else comes to mind to portray the smoldering sexy Sidhe in our fantasy cast. Check out this description and see if you could imagine anyone else filling the role for this Unseelie.


Hanging out with a vampire while she feeds on someone is kinda like being in the room while your best friend makes out. It is awkward as hell. Not that the guy Selena was feeding on wasn’t totally hot. He reclined against the arm of the couch, black shirt unbuttoned and open to reveal the sculpted perfection of his musculature. One of his strong legs was bent and against the back of the couch. The other stretched out so his foot rested on the floor. His hands fisted in Selena’s sleek blonde hair. The vampire was all over him, but the guy didn’t seem particularly aroused, unlike most vampire prey.

His stubble appeared a couple days old, but it was probably more of a fashion choice than laziness. It accentuated his chiseled features. His skin tone had a Mediterranean glow, a stark contrast to Selena’s fair complexion. His dark hair was on the short side yet long enough to have the artistic messiness of a male runway model. Criminally good looking, a guy this stunning stole more than hearts, of that London had no doubt. Scratch the stealing part; the girls probably lined up for him. The direct gaze from his black eyes hit her hard. Oh yeah, this guy knew he was dead sexy. Probably got him most anything he wanted, too.


Friday, January 6, 2012

Cursed Blog Tour Stop #2:

In this guest post find out a little about what the Sidhe Touch is and how it affects humans like London, in the first book of her series, Cursed.

A big thank you to @mamakitty729 for being an awesome hostess!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cursed Blog Tour Stop:

Come on over to their blog to read a review of Cursed. And while you are there enter the contest! The prize is the entire 5-book Touched mini-series! Contest ends 1-9-2012 at midnight EST.

Thanks @MarnieBell for being a wonderful tour hostess and for the wonderful 4-moon rating and review!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Evanescence - Bring Me To Life

"Bring me back to life" is something London and others addicted to the Touch might say to a Sidhe. Only the magic of the Touch can bring relief from the torment of their consuming desire. A good hit of Touch magic might last them weeks, but always... always... it fades away again. Ask someone cursed by the Touch "What wouldn't you do for the Touch?" The answer is invariably, "Nothing." And therein lies the problem.

enjoy: Evanescence - Bring Me To Life

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Casting Call - London

 Jennifer Connely is our fantasy cast pick for the role of London in the Touched series. We first meet London Eyer in Cursed. London is a private investigator specializing in parahuman cases, who gets herself tangled in the world of the Sidhe. Her best friend is a vampire. Her clients are wizards. And now she’s cursed right into the heart of the Sidhe conflict… with all sides trying to kill each other and her smack dab in the middle of it. Check out this snippet from Cursed, and see if you can't just picture Jennifer Connely in this scene.


Her blazer was a bit much in the heat of the day, but she wasn’t going in without her gun holstered under her arm. Maybe it was the curse that made her feel more vulnerable than usual, or maybe the ease with which Rico had disarmed her that had her questioning her luck-to-skill ratio. The fey were not human and she couldn’t anticipate them the way she could humans and parahumans. In this line of work, what you didn’t anticipate could get you killed. The curse was a case in point.

London glanced up at the arrow slits and caught the glowing glint of eyes before they blinked away. The Ghille Dhu inhabited the ruins, if they could be called ruins. She’d seen a flicker of what was hidden by the Glamour. Beneath the disguising layer of magic, the opulent d├ęcor would overshadow the collections in Buckingham Palace. London knocked on the open wooden door that appeared to hang on rusted hinges, aware that nearly everything in this place was an illusion.

“Bain?” She called out into the gloom. They were not skimping on the Glamour this time. Not a careless flicker of the magic gave away the true appearance. It put her on edge. Last time she’d been here, they hadn’t closed her out so completely. “Bain Greim? You remember me, don’t you?”

The prince of the Ghille Dhu had entertained himself with his bratty antics last time she visited the tower. This eerie silence crept over her nerves as threateningly as a dog’s growl. “Come on, Bain. I know you’re here.”

The scuttling sound of claws and scales against stone came from above. London searched the shadows overhead. As the creature hung upside down from the rafters, its huge eyes glistened wetly. Humanoid in basic anatomy, the thing was skeletal thin. Arms and legs half again as long as a human’s and oddly jointed so the knees and elbows angled backward like a mosquito. The flesh, as best as she could make it out, was a nearly black green. The ears pointed a full hand span above the top of its bald head. The rows of teeth it bore in its gaping mouth were needle sharp and inches long.

Show… No… Fear…

London drew her gun. Two-handing the grip she aimed it at the creature. “I brought gold,” she told it, voice steady. Precious metal loosened his tongue before, but this time Bain didn’t even blink at the mention of it. Bain used Glamour to appear human before. This time, not so much. More like the fey equivalent of “get the hell out… or I’ll eat you.”


Monday, January 2, 2012

Linkin Park - Crawling

This is a good song for London as she deals with the consequences of the Touch. Here's a snippet from Cursed, to give you just a taste.


The magic from his brief touch had already faded inside her, but it left a yearning void in its wake. The more she tried to control the shakes, the more violently she shivered. The flash of pleasure had torn through her system like a power surge. London stroked the lingering tingle on her cheek. It was hard to process everything with her teeth chattering and eyes watering. Her insides twisted. Reaching for… wanting… demanding… something.

enjoy: Linkin Park - Crawling

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A "Cursed" month

 Welcome to the blog tour for Cursed! All this month we are going to be celebrating the first of the Touched mini-series with you and the wonderful folks on several awesome blogs. Check out the tour schedule for dates and locations. We are going to be doing some fun stuff here on the Fey Cast blog this month, including Glamour Club music videos, snippets, Casting Calls, where we discuss the actors and actresses that would be on our dream cast if Cursed were made into a movie, and more!