Saturday, December 31, 2011

Something For The Pain

Tiernan Kilgrave's catch phrase "What do ya need?" says it all. He's a dealer in all types of illicit pleasures. This song suits Tiernan perfectly.


(Excerpt from Donovan's journal with his assessment of Tiernan)

Tiernan Kilgrave swagged with his lazily confident style and his usual smirk of self-satisfaction. Though only a century old his cocky attitude didn't soften even for the head of the Unseelie Elite. Then again, most exiles 'didn't give a shite' about the customs in the Mounds. One thing could be said for Tiernan; he embraced his Unseelie nature with as much vigor as he embraced life on the surface. Those pale eyes just focused on me with all seriousness, never acknowledging the other fey around him. To him 'earthborn' usually was synonymous with 'dumbass.' Although outwardly a laid back individual, Tiernan hadn't established himself in his amoral endeavors and criminal empire by slacking. He had been one of the key informants from some of the most secret and deadly of missions the queen of the Unseelie Court required.

enjoy: Redlight King - Something For The Pain

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Cursed Blog Tour Schedule

Cursed Blog Tour is coming is January!
Here are the dates and locations we have at the moment:

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Dirty Dancing with the Unseelie

Here's a great Glamour Club song! Hot and sexy! Come on and dance with the Unseelie in the Glamour Club!

Enjoy: Move Your Body - My Darkest Days

Monday, December 26, 2011

Breaking Benjamin - Dear Agony

Malcolm goes through a tough time in his first book, Scars of Silver. A song like Breaking Benjamin's "Dear Agony" captures the emotion of his horrific experience. This is a snippet that fits with the song.


Rand circled around until he towered over Malcolm’s head. He planted a booted foot on the chain linking the wrist shackles before Malcolm could flinch away. “Do it quick.”

Flora smeared the salve over his torn back. It burned like alcohol. The chains clinked as he jerked in shock and pain, but Rand’s foot pinned his arms fast to the ground. Malcolm screamed.

The goblins in the chamber clamored to the bars, hopping and laughing.

Malcolm bit back his screams. Hating… Hating how they delighted in his outcries. His throat strangled the sound. He sucked hissing breaths, shoving down the pain as much as he could. Shoving it down. Down. Down. Feel nothing. Feel nothing.

Rand backed off the chain. Malcolm rolled to his side, as he watched Rand and Flora leave the cell. The prickly burn dropped down to a full body throb.


Enjoy: Breaking Benjamin - Dear Agony (Lyrics on screen)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Linkin Park - In The End

I love this song for Lugh in End of the World. Here's a little snippet that fits perfect with the spirit of the song.


The hills beneath which the Mounds were buried crumbled in on themselves. Deflated as the hollow caverns beneath lost stability. A cloud of dust and debris billowed out as the hills sunk down, turning instead into a crater.

Lugh gaped at it, dumbfounded. The other fey about him wept and screamed in their terror.

Homes… Family… Friends… Lives… Culture… History…



Just… Just…


Lugh dropped to his knees. The strength drained from his arms and they slumped to his thighs. The lesser fey wept about him, but Lugh could not even reach past the shock to begin to comprehend grief. Pain, though… Pain cut right through him. His heart ached as if the silver dagger had been planted in his chest, rather than in the All-Mother’s. His head dropped back as his pain screamed out to the heavens above. The magic bond to the All-Mother, and to the magic of the Mounds, severed like a dirk sliced through it. Lugh clutched at his heart. Everything he was, was linked to the Mounds, to the magic, to his people.

The world had ended. And he, the Champion of the Sidhe, hadn’t been able to save it.


Enjoy: Linkin Park - In The End

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Little About Wizards

 Wizards, like most humans, were born without a shred of innate magic of their own. During an exhaustive apprenticeship wizards learn to use magic from external sources. Alchemy. Charms. Spells. Enchantments. All skills to be learned and tools to be used for one purpose.

To gain more power.

Certain forces and creatures are innately magical. These are ideal to use for magical works. Fey creatures are of particular importance. Their organs can be dried and ground into powder for potions. Their bones used to forge magic tools, such as knife handles or wands. Not a single part of a fey goes to waste. Certain tools, such as amulets, can drain a fey of magic, which can then be used by the wearer as their own until the supply of captured magic is spent. This is most commonly used with Glamour, but any magic can be drained and used in this manner. Because fey are such key ingredients, wizards are highly experienced in capturing them.


Wizards play a major role in Champion of the Fey and a minor role in Aftershock. Find out more about the world of The Sidhe at!

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Donovan's Tribute to the Elite

This is an excellent song for Donovan (Jhaer) and his Unseelie Elite. Here's a snippet from "Foreshadow", the free prequel to the Rise of the Unseelie available when you sign up for the newsletter.


Throwing himself bodily at the trapdoor, Jhaer burst into the room above. He dove and rolled, narrowly avoiding the blast wave of flame that chased him. No point splitting his focus on his Glamour now. The smoke filling the room swirled around him as he moved, giving away his position.

Behind Jhaer the wooden table and chairs were already kindling. Across from him, Aoife crouched behind the huge bed. A shackle hung from one wrist. A chain draped from it and attached to a ring hammered into the stone wall. A thick area rug blanketed most of the floor on that side, and it smoldered with smoky flame.

Between Jhaer and Aoife, a Sidhe fire wielder flung out a graceful arm. Fire spread across the room in lines of flame that spread in a spider-web pattern. The Sidhe was a Seelie Jhaer didn’t know, with a wicked laugh and a lethal gleam in his eyes. “Burn, baby!” He screamed, “Charbroiled Unseelie!”

The trapdoor angled up, and a Redcap poked his foul face through the opening. Too many oversized and blood-stained teeth gapped in his maul. Jhaer vaulted over the table, using the as-yet unburnt corner to propel himself. He stomped on the trapdoor with all his weight, slamming it shut on the Redcap. As he did so, he drove his magic downward into the stairwell. All of the mortar ran like fresh mud, and the stones collapsed. The steps literally melted beneath the Redcaps, their bodies smashed to the floor with a satisfying crash.

Jhaer moved once more, dodging the series of fireballs whipped at him. The wall holding the chain in place yielded to his magic and dropped the ring.

Aoife, clever enough to flee the flames weaving along the floor, rushed out onto the balcony. She looked out and down, then back. Trapped. The silver of her shackle chained her magic.

“Oh, the Unseelie knows how to dance!” the fire wielder laughed, sounding a touch more than crazy. His sweaty auburn hair stuck to his face in wild spikes. “Dodge this!” A wall of flame swept toward Jhaer with a broiling heat.


Enjoy: Disturbed-Indestructible

Friday, December 16, 2011

Scars of Silver - excerpt

Chapter One

Malcolm still smelled like industrial hand soap from his sink bath at the gas station. He wiped the pocket fuzz from the black plastic comb that was only missing a couple teeth and then battled the knots in his too long hair. His reflection in the store window winced back at him. The skater boy hair served a purpose beyond just announcing to the world that he didn’t have the cash for a haircut. The unruly waves covered the telltale point to his ears.

Even after he beat the worst of the dirt off his clothing, Malcolm still looked like what he was, a homeless teen.

It wasn’t like he couldn’t go back. They’d take him back. He knew they would. Only, if he went back home they’d never let him leave again. “For his own protection.” That’s what they’d say. That’s what they always said. Like house arrest was what it was. Some kind of fey witness protection program or something.

Only, if they’d ever let him get out at least once in a while, he probably would know something. Like how to get money. Or food. Or a warm place to crash. Instead of having to figure a way to steal what he needed.

Malcolm crouched down behind the lunch special sign, waiting for customers to venture into the Fairy Circle shop. Probably a waste of time, only Malcolm lacked for any better ideas. Not like he could ask someone for directions to a fey hangout or anything.

Mostly, Malcolm would’ve figured the place for a joke, if not for the smell. The smell turned his head the first time he walked past. The smell promised something. Proved something.

Malcolm couldn’t put a finger on what, exactly. But something.

Something more.

Something not normal.

Something special.

Maybe even magical.

The moment a middle aged woman walked in the shop, Malcolm hopped up. Not the best of distractions, but waiting made him fidgety. The bell on the door clattered way too loudly as Malcolm entered. He clenched it, silencing it, as he closed the shop door.

A mishmash of curiosities crammed every available wall shelf and island display. A short bookcase provided cover and he crouched as he slipped along beside it. He peeked around the far side to catch sight of the customer discussing crystals with the shopkeeper.

Malcolm had seen the shopkeeper through the window before. Probably early thirties, the woman decorated herself in a flowery, gauzy hippy skirt and floppy, knit sweater that somehow screamed both “new age” and “thrift shop” at the same time.

Ducking back, Malcolm scanned the titles. His fingertips danced over the spines. Some had a feel to them, like heat or static, but the titles didn’t jive with his search. His sharp hearing kept tabs on the conversation, trying to note if it was coming to an end or if the speakers moved closer or further away.

Until he found the book.

Malcolm’s palm hovered over the spine. The gold embossed title simply read, “The Secrets of the Fey.” What if it contained garbage? Then why did his hand tingle? His excitement bubbled through him. He had to have the book. Had to find the answers to the questions that clawed at him mercilessly.

He slipped the book from the shelf and tucked it under his shirt.

Only then did he notice the bell clanging at the door. His head snapped up. Had someone come in? Or the customer gone out? Distracted by the search, he’d forgotten to keep tabs on his surroundings. Hugging the hidden book to his chest, Malcolm crept to the edge of the bookcase.

The place was dead silent.

He peered around the bookshelf. Oh… so… slowly… No one seemed about. The place had an abandoned stillness. Creepy.

A hand touched his shoulder.

Malcolm yelped. He spun about, eyes wide. Heart ready to burst from his chest. The shopkeeper just smiled. “Who are we hiding from?” she asked, and then peeked around the shelves herself in a conspiratorial way. “I don’t see any scary monsters.”

He backed away, clutching his chest. The book made an obvious bulge under his t-shirt.

“What are we reading about?” she asked, all kindergarten teacherish.

Malcolm stammered, not making much of a coherent answer as she reached beneath his shirt and plucked out the book. He backed away, ready to bolt.

She simply turned it over and smiled at the cover. “You have questions about the fey?” She flipped to the table of contents. “How to find them perhaps?”

Malcolm gapped at her. After a long pause, he blinked. “Uh... yeah.”

“The fey are real, you know,” she said. “But, of course you do.” She gave him a knowing smile.

Malcolm trembled, the urge to run nearly overwhelming.

She pretended not to notice his reaction, but instead simply flipped through the book. “Ah, yes. So simple, really.” She closed it with a thump. “Let me jot down the directions.”

Chapter Two

Malcolm checked the hand drawn map, then the surroundings. The little stone bridge spanned the stream there. Check. Clumps of trees down the little hill to the left. Check. So far so good. So where the hell was the circle of stones? He turned the map upside down. Didn’t make sense that way, though. Was he supposed to build the circle of stones? Hell, there were not even any stones around.

According to Flora’s supposed expertise, some fey fella named “Rand” hung out around here. Seemed a pretty unlikely place to Malcolm. Not even any houses in sight. She’d said if he followed the instructions it would call him out somehow. Maybe this Rand guy fished the river or something.

“This is so stupid.” He jammed the paper back in his pocket. “So bloody stupid.” Stupid or not, Malcolm hiked back to the stream. He jerked his shirt off and used it to gather a load of egg sized river stones. Back at the trees he spilled them out in more or less of an oval. He kicked them around until the shape was as close to a circle as he could manage.

Once satisfied, he fished out his lighter and the pocketful of herbs Flora gave him. Malcolm thought her name sounded phony, but who cared? She’d not given him the book, just the instructions and a nickel’s worth of dried out weeds.

After a couple of failed attempts to set fire to the fist sized pile in the middle of the circle, Malcolm scooped the herbs back up and wrapped them up in the paper from his pocket. He put the wad on the ground and set it alight. The flame died down to a glow of smoldering ash, threatening to burn itself out, when with a sudden whoosh the herbs ignited into a massive smoke bomb.

Coughing, Malcolm stumbled back. The sooty smoke burned his eyes and he scrubbed at them. The smoke rose through the trees, reaching like a beacon into the clear sky.

Flora instructed Malcolm to hum or sing to lure the supposedly timid fey out of hiding. Seemed about the dumbest thing, on top of all the other dumb stuff he’d done already. Malcolm gave the ring of rocks and smoke signal about five minutes to kick in. When no fey showed up he started humming “Danny Boy.”

“Is your head a Marley?”

Malcolm spun about. “Rand?” The guy glared at him. Whoever he was, he was no farmer peeved at some punk trespasser. Not in those pressed slacks and clean button-up shirt with the purple sheen of silk. Realizing he was shirtless, Malcolm shook out his wet and dirty t-shirt and yanked it back on. “I… Just…” He scrubbed his dirty hands on his jeans.

“Put it out, fey boy.” The guy pointed to the smoldering bundle.

Malcolm stomped out the ashes, choking on the smoke. Fey boy? Without even asking, Malcolm could feel the difference in the guy. Felt the vibe from him like prickling heat on his skin. “You are fey, right?”

“Shut up and come here already.” Rand snatched Malcolm by the back of the neck. Before Malcolm could squawk a protest they vanished from the bright sunny wood.

Chapter Three

One second he’d been in a summer wood. The next second Malcolm found himself in the shadowed depths of a cave. Luminescent moss glowed with ambient light as if by some enchantment. The weak light glinted off the wet cave walls. The place stank like molded socks and over-used cat litter. Malcolm brought the back of his hand up to his nose, as if that might prevent the onslaught to his nasal passages.

“Dark Rot! Get your filthy arse out here!” Rand shouted into the depths of the cave.

Disoriented, Malcolm dropped to his knees, which hurt like heck on the uneven stony ground, but that pain didn’t completely cut through the confusion frying his brain. His questions gasped out so fast they almost tumbled over each other. “What happened? How’d we get here? What is this place?”

The guy only sneered at Malcolm.

Not good.

A scuttling sound echoed from the deep. Malcolm scrambled to his feet and ducked behind Rand.

A platoon of green-skinned creatures scurried up the cave, filling it from wall to wall with their leathery, naked bodies. Goblins? Huge eyes reflected evilly. Sharp irregular teeth protruded from their opened mouths, like their teeth were too big to wrap their lips closed over them. They hissed and snarled, but Rand didn’t appear the least bothered by it. Between the slurping and guttural mumblings one word kept repeating. “Sidhe.”

So not good.

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Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow

This is an excellent song for Donovan during his journey in the mini-series Rise of the Unseelie. It touches on the loss of the Mounds and the fight to reclaim the future for the Sidhe. Here's a snippet from Aftershock that shows his determination.


Lifting the paper Tiernan left, Jhaer read the names. Bryce and Kieran. Both just in their early twenties. Living for thousands of years, the Sidhe bred extremely slowly, a fertile couple only producing a few offspring in their lifetime. To all appearances, though, the exiles bred as rapidly as the lesser fey and humans. For the most part, Jhaer dismissed the outcast youths as no threat to the Unseelie Court, and not even worth keeping an eye on. Especially when matters in the Mounds with the Seelie deteriorated day by day.

But these youths were Sidhe, and by definition the personification of magic. Untrained, perhaps. Undisciplined, to be sure. But wild and free and the very essence of Unseelie. And the earthborn Sidhe almost assuredly outnumbered any surviving Sidhe from the Mounds. They were an untapped power, a resource that practically begged predators to hunt them. Jhaer had not missed the rumors about the wizards, long ago driven out of Ireland, beginning to weasel their way back in. Though by far the worst, wizards were hardly the only threat to the Sidhe. Vampires, and even opportunistic lesser fey like the retched Changelings, would pick off a Sidhe if they could manage it.

If the earthborns and exiles were all that remained of the Sidhe, the race would be extinct inside a year. Word of the Mounds collapse would already be whispering its way into the wrong ears. Though his people may not have been completely destroyed with the decimation of the Mounds, the end was only postponed until the scavengers descended upon the weak and wounded. Any Sidhe from the Mounds who did not link to the earth realm would Fade, and die from it or from an attack as soon as they grew too weak to fend it off. The earthborns, untrained and scattered, would be as easy to pick off as cubs once the pride that protected them was gone. More merciful if they all would have just died in the collapse than to Fade or die at the enemy’s merciless whim.

Tiernan was right. The Mounds were gone. The fey realm was never coming back. It was Earth or death. And Jhaer never for a moment considered bowing to death. Not for him. Not for the Unseelie. Not for the Sidhe.


Enjoy: Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cursed - excerpt

Chapter One

Hanging out with a vampire while she feeds on someone is kinda like being in the room while your best friend makes out. It is awkward as hell. Not that the guy Selena was feeding on wasn’t totally hot. He reclined against the arm of the couch, black shirt unbuttoned and open to reveal the sculpted perfection of his musculature. One of his strong legs was bent and against the back of the couch. The other stretched out so his foot rested on the floor. His hands fisted in Selena’s sleek blonde hair. The vampire was all over him, but the guy didn’t seem particularly aroused, unlike most vampire prey.

His stubble appeared a couple days old, but it was probably more of a fashion choice than laziness. It accentuated his chiseled features. His skin tone had a Mediterranean glow, a stark contrast to Selena’s fair complexion. His dark hair was on the short side yet long enough to have the artistic messiness of a male runway model. Criminally good looking, a guy this stunning stole more than hearts, of that London had no doubt. Scratch the stealing part; the girls probably lined up for him. The direct gaze from his black eyes hit her hard. Oh yeah, this guy knew he was dead sexy. Probably got him most anything he wanted, too, which put him firmly into the “probably a jerk” column in London’s book.

Jerk or not, Selena appeared to be enjoying him immensely. Her formfitting red dress pulled nicely over her bottom, which swayed as she slithered against him. London couldn’t see her friend’s face, but the moans and writhing made her enjoyment hardly a mystery.

London wasn’t the only spectator. One of the vamp bouncers from the club stood guard by the door. His mouth worked some and London suspected that he was licking at his fangs. The stud on the couch apparently didn’t just affect women. Or was it just a blood thing that had the vamp staring like a beta wolf waiting for his chance at the kill?

London doubted that he’d get his turn. Not with the two bodyguards watching the scene from the other side of the immaculately furnished room. Their jackets had been tossed aside so nothing impeded their access to the multiple holstered weapons strapped to their chests and hips. That was fine by London. She was armed, too. Both of the bodyguards were decent looking. London would have even admitted that they were hot, but next to the guy sprawled under Selena, they didn’t even begin to compare. No, he was stunning enough to make a smart woman do stupid things.

This scene had all the earmarks of a business feeding, with both sides bringing backup to make sure the transaction came off smoothly. One of the bodyguards glanced at his watch. “Time.”

The muscles in the stud’s forearms flexed as he pushed Selena back, controlling her by her hair. Her neck arched back as she glanced over her shoulder at London. Blood glistened on her teeth, but had not dribbled down her chin. Uncharacteristically tidy for a vampire. Selena hadn’t permitted even a single drop to escape. Even still, she licked her lips. She turned her glare on the bodyguards as she stroked her hands over the man’s body one last time before dismounting, as if daring them to say anything about it.

Interesting, London thought. She’d never seen Selena give up anything she desired for any reason, and she clearly desired so much more than just the brief feeding. The vampire smoothed her hair to its usual sleek perfection. She seemed to flow in that liquid way she had as she crossed the room.

London,” the vampire’s voice had a breathy tone, as if blood still coated her throat. “You got my message.”

I could have waited until your transaction was completed,” London quirked a smile as she watched one of the bodyguards hand the guy a handkerchief to press to the pinprick wounds on his neck.

This is Rico, your new client,” Selena indicated the guy on the couch. “You’ll regret having met him, I am certain. I know I do.”

With a sharp nod to her vampire guard, Selena directed him to precede her from the room. Selena reached the doorway before turning back to London. “Don’t touch him or you’ll regret it.”

The words had not been a threat. Not in the conventional, “don’t touch my man” kind of way. What exactly she meant by that warning was a mystery, but Selena left without further explanation.

The force of Rico’s striking gaze brought London’s body to immediate attention. She became hyperaware of herself as a woman in the presence of a dominant male. He sat up and gestured for London to come closer. Those dark eyes beckoned and she obeyed. The whole scene had a serious “come into my web”, said the spider to the fly vibe to it. Only she had a sinking feeling that she was already snared in his web.

London settled for the red velvet wing-back across from Rico. With effort she tore her attention from the smooth, muscular chest revealed by his open shirt. His face was just as potent, with eyes as hypnotic as a cobra’s. She crossed her legs, a protective gesture. “Selena may have introduced us, but she does not select my clients.”

Rico pulled a business card from the pocket of his slacks and read it out loud. “London Eyer, Special Investigations and Security.” He held the card between his first two fingers as he grazed his thumb over the raised ink. “This is your business. Money is not enough for you?”

Was it wrong that seeing him fondle her business card made her blush? Or that it turned her on knowing he had been carrying something of hers in his pants? Yeah, most definitely wrong. Something more insidious than just the magnetism of a pretty face was affecting her.

Money is a start, but I don’t just do anything for money.” The two bodyguards wandered closer to her, but stopped when she snarled. “Wanna stay on your own side of the room, boys? I’d hate to have to kick your asses in front of your employer.” Bravado on her part, acting like she was all badass, but it worked. When they retreated a few steps London focused back on Rico. “What’s the job?”

He leaned forward so his elbows rested on his thighs. One hand still cupped the handkerchief against his throat. He turned the card over in his fingers, as if something might be written on the back, then tossed it down onto the coffee table between them. “Selena said you have contacts among many of the parahuman and nonhuman groups. Which ones?”

He’d ignored her question and kept on asking his own, she noticed. Probably a control freak. London let it go for now, but in the end if she didn’t like the job, she’d walk. Period. “Vampires, obviously. Weres. Demons. Wizards.”

Wizards,” he repeated, calmly. As if he’d been waiting for her to reveal that one. “How good is your contact?”

Good enough.”

You worked for them? These wizards you know?” He removed the handkerchief and tossed it down next to the card. His wounds had healed. She could not see any marks marring the perfection of his skin.

That is confidential information.” She gave him the shadow of a smile. “Just like your case would be. Certainly you can appreciate that.”

Rico rose, graceful and swift. “If you work for me, you work for me. No one else.”

London bolted to her feet almost as soon as he started moving. “I don’t work for you.”

The bodyguards flicked out of sight. Teleporters.


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Monday, December 12, 2011

Champion of the Fey - Excerpt

The enchanted gold dust spiraled in a vortex as if a miniature tornado spun within the vial. The glass container itself was not much longer or wider than Lugh’s index finger. Magic twinkled off the dust, as though chips of stars mixed with the gold.

Lugh glanced up from the vial to the row of terraced houses. They had the architectural appeal of bay windows and artistic brickwork. Even still, this neighborhood in Bristol appeared unremarkable compared to most other modern, middle class neighborhoods in England. If not for the reaction of the gold dust in the vial, Lugh would not have guessed that one of the artifacts might have found its way to such an unassuming place. Somewhere in the heart of this mundane humanity, seemingly devoid of even the faintest spark of magic, lay a fragment of the ancient realm of fey.

Even this bit of magic in his hand, this vial of enchantment, seemed ridiculously insignificant in the hands of a Sidhe. And yet held within its simple magicraft it harbored the fragile hope that might save what little survived of the fey. The notion was laughable. The likelihood of success so slim as to be the width of a fairy’s eyelash from total impossibility. Fool’s errand this might be, what else had he? Accept defeat and surrender to the Fade with noble stoicism?

For most of the morning, Lugh watched the house from his perch on the top of a stone garden wall just across the narrow lane. Secure in the belief that his Glamour rendered him invisible to the eyes of mortals, Lugh debated his options. Direct assault? Not his usual strategy, but not beneath him, either. The double-paned, wood-framed windows likely would shatter beneath a precise kick. Then there was the consideration of someone summoning the constables and that was always a needless hassle.

Without having seen inside the building, Lugh could not merely teleport into the house. How ignoble of him to contemplate peeping through the window like a tomcat. Still, if it brought him the prize he sought, then nicety must give way to necessity.

As Lugh debated his options, a young blonde woman emerged from the house. Her loose hair fell in unkempt locks down her back and shoulders. The patchwork peasant skirt flattered her lovely, long legs. The skirt had a gypsy look to it, as did the odd choices of tops. The long, pale blue sleeves flared around delicate forearms, and a dark, tight-fitting top covered it, so the elbow-length sleeves contoured to her thin arms and the feminine curves of her chest.

A seductive grin tugged at his lips. Now charming beautiful women was one of his specialties.

The woman scanned the street with a cursory glance. Lugh remained perfectly still. As her gaze flicked by him he thought, for almost a fraction of a second, she made eye contact.

No mundane human possessed the magic to detect him. And yet her eyes met his. Of this he felt certain.

She flipped her hair back over her shoulder and strolled at a good pace away from him. Lugh dropped down off the garden wall to trail her, his Glamour still tight to him. Her skirt swished in the most fascinating way as it brushed against the maiden’s lovely bum. With casual curiosity, Lugh studied the movement of the cloth as he strolled along behind her, learning the shape of her with each whispered hint of the fabric, a rounded handful that promised a soft surrender.

With each step her skirt swished, giving an impression of the way her hips flared from her narrow waist. The dressmakers of the Seelie Court would encase a figure like hers in lengths of satin that glinted in the light as it drew the eye reverently over every feminine secret. The ladies of the court rarely bothered with a corset, as Sidhe beauty required no augmentation. This woman was no Sidhe, but truly compared to many of the other fair races of fey.

Thinking of the ladies of the court brought back the visions so familiar to him that he could recall every detail perfectly. Rhiannon’s dark grace. Leannan’s shy poise. Kaitlin’s perchance for mischief. Melancholy threatened, as memories stirred of Sidhe lovers who surely perished in the collapse of the Mounds. Depression would only serve to quicken the Fade. Only after he accomplished his mission to restore the power of the fey would he indulge in bittersweet mourning.

Returning to the lovely distraction before him, Lugh firmly silenced that part of his mind for now. Rather, he surrendered to the legionary appreciation of beauty that had his friends teasingly suggesting that his nickname should be changed from The Shining One to The Cad.

He trailed her a mere few blocks before the road ended, spilling into a more populated boulevard lined with shops, cafes, and autos. The Glamour cloaked Lugh in invisibility but did not render him incorporeal. With the grace of the fey as brilliant to witness in dance as in battle, Lugh wove between the passersby without brushing against them. His height, well over six feet, enabled him to keep sight of his quarry.

The woman slowed as she approached the display carts of a flower vender that impinged upon the walkway. Lugh’s strides shortened as he watched her maneuver around the wooden pushcart. A brightly colored canvas created a shading roof suspended above the cart by planks rising from either side of the platform. The effect was of that of a window. The woman turned to examine the flowers, so she faced Lugh. The cart’s design created a frame around her, a suspended bed of flowers between them. As Lugh crossed to stand on the other side of the cart, the woman paused.

Slowly, her eyes lifted from the flowers. Even though the Glamour should have shielded him completely invisible to her, the woman’s gaze lifted. To his chest. Then higher. Until at last her winter blue eyes found his.

There was no mistaking the impact of her intake of breath. “You see me,” Lugh’s resonant voice murmured, so no other than the woman could hear him.

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Pitbull - Give Me Everything

Here's another good song for the Glamour Club, with all the sexy fey dancing and hooking up for an evening. Especially for Kieran, one of the playboys of the Unseelie. Watch for him to get more face time in the future in both the Rise of the Unseelie and the Touched mini-series.

Enjoy: Pitbull - Give Me Everything ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack, Nayer

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Seelie

(A passage from the Chronicles of Lugh, Champion of the Sidhe)

The Shining Court

Although all Sidhe possess beauty, grace, magic and power, the marked differences between the Seelie and Unseelie is in our self expression. The Sidhe of the Shining Court are civilized, polite and gracious in all endeavors. We appreciate the poetry of life and express ourselves with a beautiful language. Though naturally beautiful, the Seelie love flourishes and flairs that highlight our perfection. The Seelie may seem egotistical, even for the bold race of the Sidhe, but it is not ego for ego's sake. We simply are the pinnacle of light magic and as such have an example to set for all other fey who align themselves with the forces of light. Noble and honorable, the Seelie Court reaches out with compassion and to all our fey brethren.

The Unseelie

The Rise of the Unseelie

Since the Unseelie exiles migrated to this earth realm and link themselves to it, there have been a few changes. One of the most interesting has been the baby boom. Fey generally breed slowly. Living thousands of years and yet only having a few offspring in all that time. The Unseelie Sidhe of Earth have experienced a sudden burst in population, breeding as quickly as humans. We 'earthborns' have more than quadrupled the Unseelie population on Earth in just a few decades. The first of the new generation of Unseelie are coming of age. Born and raised on Earth, comfortable with human culture so we can use all the advantages of technology, and having been raised without the dictatorship of the Seelie to restrain our nature. We are the future of the Unseelie manifesting. We are young. We are wild. We are free. We will not surrender.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hoobastank - Crawling In The Dark

This song works perfectly for Malcolm in Scars of Silver. That one is an intense story. I'll add a snippet below to give you a taste.

(A big thanks to @yagiz who mentioned Hoobastank and reminded me of this song!)


The next time the goblins came for him they flooded into the chamber and then spilled through the bottleneck at the door of his cell, filling the space with their leathery, spindly bodies like an army of giant insects, all hive mind with one focus. Even knowing he’d lose, Malcolm never stopped struggling. Never accepted. He squirmed wildly as he bodysurfed along the mass of them, spindly arms keeping him aloft. Only then did he notice the humans beyond the mosh pit of goblins. Three females and a male, huddled close to each other, out of the sea of goblins and staring at Malcolm with starved intensity, like they could eat him up raw.

The goblins tossed Malcolm down on his partially healed back. The silver was released from his wrists. Any relief from the burns vanished under the twisting grip of clawed fingers. This time goblin hands secured his arms and legs, not bonds.

Malcolm twisted uselessly against them, growling viciously. Words meant nothing here. A wasted effort. Nothing could scream his protest louder than the violence of his struggle and the throat ripping fury in his snarl.

And all of it… None of it… mattered.


Enjoy Hoobastank - Crawling in the Dark

Friday, December 9, 2011

(The letter left on Malcolm's pillow the night he ran away from home.)

Ma and Da,

I can't believe you blinking lied to me all this time! I'm not even human? What's that about? I'm supposed to have magic and cool powers? When were you even going to tell me this? Why did you have me rounding sheep in the boonies instead of teaching me this stuff? Thanks a whole flipping bunch! And what's up with this whole "we were gonna tell you when you were old enough" bollacks? And I'm not 'old enough' until I am 200? Are you flipping out of your nut? I'm not waiting any 200 years to get out of here. I'm not waiting until I'm 18 either! You can forget it!

So don't try and stop me. I'm grown enough to go out on my own and I am going to do it. I'm going to find out all the stuff you wouldn't tell me. Who I really am. What it means to be a Sidhe. All of it. And without any of your help.

Good bye!


(Read the start of Malcolm's story in Scars of Silver. His story doesn't end there... Not by a long shot!)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Flyleaf - All Around Me

Here's a song for London and all others addicted to the Touch of Sidhe magic. Here's a snippet of a scene from Cursed where London first encounters the Touch.


The closer she came to Rico the heavier the air felt. Thick with magic. London trembled. She tilted her head up to gaze into those deep eyes. Body heat spread over her like oil. His hands settled at the small of her back and pulled her body against his. His easy strength supported her even when her legs couldn’t. The first brush of his lips against hers sent a tingle through her. The flick of his tongue made her lips part to inhale him.

The kiss was sensual. Slow and deep. London closed her eyes. Breathing him in, the magic cascaded into her once more. It tasted like rain. His power soaked into her, drenched her body in bliss. London circled her arms around his neck, drawing him deeper into the kiss.

More… She wanted more…

His hands slipped down to grip her bottom. She wrapped a leg around him and ground needfully against him. The magic drove into her core, intense with sexual pleasure. She shuddered as it spared no part of her being. The magic-induced orgasm exploded within her. Power spilled from Rico into her mouth, thick and rich. The scent of storm clouds filled her awareness. The kiss washed away everything. Everything but this moment, this fulfillment, this manifestation of perfect passion. She cried out into Rico’s mouth, but refused to let their lips part so it could escape.

Suddenly, the magic ceased. Just like the flick of a switch. London’s eyes snapped open.

You work for me,” Rico informed her. “You work for no one else. You will tell me all you know, with no hesitation.”


Enjoy Flyleaf - All Around Me

New Release: Scars of Silver

 Rise of the Unseelie #2

You’d think the fey would have each others' backs. That’s what you’d think… if you never met any.

Malcolm is Sidhe, the only race that possesses the coveted magic of the Touch. He’s also an untrained teenage runaway who only just discovered that he’s fey. He thought the fey would have each others' backs. That’s what he honestly thought…

Until he met a Changeling.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow

In Aftershock there is a scene in the Glamour Club where a fey rock band does a cover of a 'popular song.' That song is I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin. Here's part of the scene from the book, and the Glamour Club video with the lyrics on the screen.


The band of Dark Elves, calling themselves The Fury, started up another set of rock music. Not something Donovan was very familiar with, but he liked the heavy percussion and the determination in the voice of the lead singer as he roared at the crowd that he would not bow and he would not break. Very Unseelie in sentiment. Apparently, the band played popular music because most of the fey sang along during the chorus.

Kieran and Dawn danced among the crowd, undulating against each other with more than a casual familiarity. The view from Donovans private table situated against the simple but elegant guardrail overlooked the dance floor set a couple of steps down from the main bar area of the Glamour Club. Leaning back, he cast a proprietary glance around the rest of the club, not the least surprised to find it packed on opening night. Theyd had trouble keeping the fey out until the construction was completed.


Enjoy: Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow

One Month into the Adventure...

We launched The Sidhe just a little over a month ago. For Ravynheart and I it has been an intense time. Chatting with readers and getting the word out about the series has been a lot of fun. A big thanks to everyone who has been generous with your time and your feedback! We are excited to bring this world to you, and it is wonderful to hear you are having fun with it, too.

On top of all this wonderful interaction, we’ve also been working our fey butts off on the next installments on the storylines. The second Champion of the Sidhe story is out, with Lugh being heroic and endlessly Seelie. The second Rise of the Unseelie, “Scars of Silver” comes out this week, and introduces Malcolm, one of my personal favorite characters and I hope you love him as much as I do. Then we have the second and third Touched stories coming out in the next few weeks. Those are called “Addicted” and “Enchanted”. Just finishing up the edits and cover art. Things are getting more desperate for London, with her addiction to the Touch intensifying.

Watch for links in “Addicted” to both Lugh’s story as well as Malcolm’s. As the storylines progress watch for more links and “Easter eggs,” as the bigger picture starts to unfold and connect things.

We are also putting together a month long blog tour and celebration of the Touched series coming in January. The other two series will be getting their tours in the months to follow. We’ll let you know what all is planned when we get closer to that time.

If you want to give us some feedback or suggestions hit me up at Archer [at] We’d also love for you to rate the stories on Kindle, Barnes and Noble or Goodreads. That’d be awesome and greatly appreciated!


Friday, December 2, 2011

Usher - DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love ft. Pitbull

Here's an awesome song for the Glamour Club itself! Usher dances the way the Sidhe do, with fluid and grace. Especially the young earthborn Sidhe like Kieran and Malcolm, raised with modern music and dance styles. Very sensual and carefree when the music moves through their fey souls. Usher is welcome to party in the Glamour Club anytime!

Enjoy: Usher - DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love

Thursday, December 1, 2011

AC/DC - Back in Black

This song is for Donovan in Aftershock.

S. Ravynheart picked out this Glamour Club feature for his character Donovan. That's his character through and through. Powerful. Dark. Driven. Noble in his own Unseelie way.

Enjoy: AC/DC - Back In Black (Live)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lugh, In His Own Words

Reminiscing about the past is not something I am fond of doing, given all that has been lost. At one time I was a king, but that kingdom has been laid to waste. At one time I was one of the most celebrated deities of the Celtic Pantheon, but the pantheon crumbled under the weight of its own diseased power struggles. I lost family and friends in the desolation.

At one time I was the Champion of the Sidhe and defender of all fey. I was a hero. I was revered. My reputation preceded me. I was the greatest of the high race of fey known as the Sidhe. Now the fey survivors are scattered to far flung realms of existence. I have found few Seelie fey, those of the lawful alignment like myself. I hope some Seelie Sidhe still live and are just in hiding. The Unseelie have coped with their change in circumstance far better. Their chaotic spirits adapt easier to the environments where they find themselves. The difference between Seelie and Unseelie is more than just the difference between light and dark. It’s the difference between civilization and the wild. Neither is truly ‘good’ or ‘evil’, just motivated by different goals.

I suppose the heroic tendency is not easy to shrug off, even though I have tried. I find myself on a hopeless self-appointed quest to build a realm of magic for all fey. A homeland. Since the old realm collapsed I have discovered a very disconcerting problem. I knew my magic was tied into the realm in which I once dwelled, but I had no idea just how true that was until I was without it. My new vulnerability is disconcerting and I am determined to hide the truth from friend and enemy alike.

For as you may know or have suspected, I am Lugh Samildanach of the Tuatha de Dannan. The Shining One. Son of Cian. Master of battle and sorcery. The Celtic god of the sun. I am the greatest of the high and glorious race of fey. Champion of the Sidhe. And the once and future king of the Seelie court.

(Read more about Lugh in his mini-series Champion of the Sidhe)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Your Guardian Angel

Here's an awesome song for the heroic Lugh, our very own Champion of the Sidhe. A big thank you to the beautiful and talented @RFLong for this suggestion.

Have a song that would be perfect for the The Glamour Club? Email

Monday, November 21, 2011

Pantera - Walk

A perfect song for the Unseelie picked out by the awesome @alfrunthors and @MelLHay! Thanks to both of you!

Enjoy: Pantera - Walk

Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Release!

Champion of the Fey 

The fey are Fading. Extinction is inevitable. Lugh, one of the few fey to survive the Collapse, is already beginning to suffer the effects. Only a long shot quest to recover the artifacts might be able to restore the source of fey magic. And the first artifact Lugh seeks is dead in the heart of wizard territory.

Get it on Kindle
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Saturday, November 19, 2011

What Are The Sidhe?

The Sidhe are a proud magical race of elven people. They basically are the top of the upper crust. The Sidhe classify themselves into two Courts: Seelie and Unseelie. The Seelie are sometimes seen as the good guys and the Unseelie as the bad guys. Although both can be seen as good or bad depending on what aspect is being looked at. The Seelie and the Unseelie have an ever present hatred for each other. The Seelie considering the Unseelie as wild and uncivilized. The Unseelie seeing the Seelie as arrogant and oppressive.

The Sidhe as a whole are beautiful people, and know it. They are not above using  that beauty to get what they want.

As far as powers go, there are three powers that ALL Sidhe have in common: Glamour, the Touch, and Teleportation. Teleportation, obviously, is simple teleporting from one location to another. Of course the more experienced you are, the better you can teleport. Those who have just learned, will have difficulty teleporting outside the building they are in. Those who have been around a while and know the full extent of their powers, may very well be able to teleport to the other side of the planet. To teleport somewhere, it must be a place they have seen before. Whether it is with their own eyes, in a picture, or even in a mental image, such as through the the Touch.

The Touch, is a conscious release of magical energy through physical contact. Physical contact, holding hands, touching a shoulder, any kind of touch, is not always the Touch. It must be a conscious release of energy, willingly giving that energy to the person they are in contact with. This release of energy is pleasurable for the one receiving it. All magical beings can recieve the Touch, but only Sidhe can give it. The Touch must be through actual skin to skin contact. Thoughts and emotions are often transferred along with magic during the Touch, but the pathway is one way. Always going from the Sidhe to the one being Touched.

Now Glamour, is fairly simple. All Sidhe are elves. They posses elfin traits, like the slight points to their ears which would be obvious to anyone who saw them without some form of disguise. Glamour is the disguise used by most fey. It is our way of altering our appearance so that we fit in with the locals more easily.

The final point about all Sidhe is that every individual has a unique power that pertains only to them. Although there is no limitations to what that power might be, those who are Seelie lean more towards powers of Light. Where as Unseelie lean more towards powers of Darkness.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Unseelie Anthem

"It's My Life" by Bon Jovi is the perfect song for the Unseelie. Love those lines "Don't bend, don't break, and don't back down." Especially for the young earthborn Unseelie, in their late teens and early twenties and fighting for their lives just like Kieran and Trip in Aftershock. Running from vampires who would bleed them and wizards who would steal their magic.

Enjoy the Glamour Club's video pick:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

History in a Nut Shell...

Many thousands of years ago there was the First Realm of Fey, a separate realm where all fey first evolved. There is little known about the First Realm or what caused it to collapse. In the collapse, the fey were scattered into many realms, including the earth realm. Of the surviving Sidhe, there was a woman known as Danu. Her aspect of magic was ‘procreation’. As a Sidhe whose magic was to give life, she took it upon herself to create a new home for the fey.

By gathering artifacts from the first realm of fey and imbuing it with her magic she was able to create a pocket of reality below the surface of the earth. From the outside, the only evidence of this pocket of reality was the mounds, or small hills, hidden within a magical wood. Thus the new realm became known as the Mounds. Within the Mounds existed a whole world until itself, complete with a sky with its own illusion of a sun and moon and stars. A vast expanse existed magically within the Mounds, as large as all of Ireland. Many fey migrated to the Mounds and lived there for thousands  of years.

For her part in the creation of the Mounds, Danu became known as ‘mother ‘ to all fey, not only the Sidhe. As before the Sidhe ruled the Mounds, separated into the Seelie and Unseelie Courts. Danu, having always aligned herself with the Seelie, favored this Court above the other. Without question the Seelie allowed Danu to appoint their kings. With the long lived race of Sidhe, kings did not die and pass down their crowns to their children. While Danu’s whims determined the Seelie ruler, the Unseelie selected their ruler based on skill with magic and cleverness in negotiation.

After thousands of years, punctuated with brief periods of war between the Courts, the first hint of true devastation emerged in the form of a vision by the Unseelie prophetess, Aoife. The prediction? One day the two Courts would merge and the Mounds would crumble. The Seelie rejected the prophecy as nothing but Unseelie propaganda.

Many Unseelie fled the Mounds and returned to the earth realm. They tied their magic to the ley lines of Earth instead of to the fey realm, unsure of how long that realm would continue to exist. Something about the magic of the earth realm sparked an unexpected increase in the number of fey offspring, rapidly increasing the number of young Unseelie Sidhe. To keep the children safe from all those who might prey upon them many of these Unseelie children were brought up in rural areas and kept away from human children. Many were never even told that they were anything but human, with the intention of teaching them about their true heritage once they were deemed ‘old enough.’

Through politics and influence, the Seelie Court finally realized its ambition to unify the Courts. That very day the magic of the Mounds shattered and the pocket realm crumbled in on itself. Very few fey residing in the Mounds escaped the disaster. After the Collapse, those surviving fey that have not tied themselves to the ley lines of Earth began to suffer from a condition known as the Fade. All fey are half physical and half magical. Just as they need food and drink to sustain their bodies, so too do they need a replenishing source of magic. Without the magic of the Mounds to link to, the fey suffering from the Fade became weak. Eventually they will lose the solidity of their bodies, becoming as ghosts, before finally fading completely from existence.

The Unseelie, most of who are of the new generation of 'earthborns' and less than 30 years in age, vastly outnumber the surviving Seelie. Many of these Unseelie are untrained and are easy prey to wizards, vampires and other predators.

While times are dire for the fey, most especially the Sidhe, there may yet exist the barest whisper of hope.

Join the adventure!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Music Video for Magic Addicts

London finds all about magic addiction in "Cursed" The Touch gets under your skin. Moves through your flesh and into your bones. It fills you up with life and light and magic. And once you've tasted it once, you will forever crave it. You'll feel your need for it drag you down and consume you until there is nothing you wouldn't do for just one more Touch. This song by Evanescence captures that feeling perfectly!

Enjoy: Evanescence - Going Under

Friday, November 11, 2011

Glamour Club

Been to the Glamour Club yet? It's the hot, new happening place for the fey, and not just the Unseelie. Dance with the hottest fey in Ireland where the music never stops and magic is everywhere. One of the Sidhe might even share the Touch if your can impress them with your moves.

Blow by Ke$ha is the perfect Glamour Club song. Hope you enjoy!

Get Intense!

Intensity drives The Sidhe more than any other emotion. Intense action. Intense emotion. Compacted into a tight, explosive little story that will leave you breathless. Each short story or novella jumps immediately into heart of the character and his or her struggle to survive.

As compelling as each story is meant to be, the best part is that it doesn’t end there. One ride of the roller coaster is never enough for the intensity junkie. The next story in the line picks right up where the last one left off. Building on the drama. Stoking the fire for the next battle.

But that is still not intense enough. Not for The Sidhe. Because each line interweaves with the others. Success for the Seelie is a blow to the Unseelie, and vice versa. The predators hurting the fey will never give up. The Collapse shredded everything the Sidhe held dear, but they can’t stop now. They can’t mourn their loss or their dead. The fight for survival has never been so dire. Their magic, their culture, their entire race brinks on extinction.

And we are just getting started! Pounding action, tight plots, passionate characters all driving toward an intense climax.

More than anything, when you catch your breath, we want to hear you say, “That was intense! When’s the next story coming?”

‘Cause we are intensity junkies, just like you!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Song for a Touch Addict

Cursed by the Sidhe? Need the magic of the Touch to keep you sane? Then you know exactly how London feels in her series Touched. This song is for you, London! "Breathe into Me" by Red.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sneak Peek of "Champion of the Fey"

 *Enjoy this sample! "Champion of the Fey" coming soon!*

The enchanted gold dust spiraled in a vortex as if a miniature tornado spun within the vial. The glass container itself was not much longer or wider than Lugh’s index finger. Magic twinkled off the dust, as though chips of stars mixed with the gold.

Lugh glanced up from the vial to the row of terraced houses. They had the architectural appeal of bay windows and artistic brickwork. Even still, this neighborhood in Bristol appeared unremarkable compared to most other modern, middle class neighborhoods in England. If not for the reaction of the gold dust in the vial, Lugh would not have guessed that one of the artifacts might have found its way to such an unassuming place. Somewhere in the heart of this mundane humanity, seemingly devoid of even the faintest spark of magic, lay a fragment of the ancient realm of fey.

Even this bit of magic in his hand, this vial of enchantment, seemed ridiculously insignificant in the hands of a Sidhe. And yet held within its simple magicraft it harbored the fragile hope that might save what little survived of the fey. The notion was laughable. The likelihood of success so slim as to be the width of a fairy’s eyelash from total impossibility. Fool’s errand this might be, what else had he? Accept defeat and surrender to the Fade with noble stoicism?

For most of the morning, Lugh watched the house from his perch on the top of a stone garden wall just across the narrow lane. Secure in the belief that his Glamour rendered him invisible to the eyes of mortals, Lugh debated his options. Direct assault? Not his usual strategy, but not beneath him, either. The double-paned, wood-framed windows likely would shatter beneath a precise kick. Then there was the consideration of someone summoning the constables and that was always a needless hassle.

Without having seen inside the building, Lugh could not merely teleport into the house. How ignoble of him to contemplate peeping through the window like a tomcat. Still, if it brought him the prize he sought, then nicety must give way to necessity.

As Lugh debated his options, a young blonde woman emerged from the house. Her loose hair fell in unkempt locks down her back and shoulders. The patchwork peasant skirt flattered her lovely, long legs. The skirt had a gypsy look to it, as did the odd choices of tops. The long, pale blue sleeves flared around delicate forearms, and a dark, tight-fitting top covered it, so the elbow-length sleeves contoured to her thin arms and the feminine curves of her chest.

A seductive grin tugged at his lips. Now charming beautiful women was one of his specialties.

*end of sample*

"Champion of the Fey" coming soon!

Friday, November 4, 2011

A Song For a Hero

One of the songs on Lugh's playlist is Far Away by Nickelback . It always brings him out when I am writing him. I hope you feel the power and intensity in this song, and in Lugh when you read his stories. Lugh's next book "Champion of the Fey" comes out soon! And his heroic side gets his chance to shine!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Life of a Scribe

The archives at Sidhe Touch website is manned by our very own Scribe. All of the documentation in the Characters section and the Fey section are compiled by Willem. Though he has worked with the All-Mother and Lugh, both very Seelie Sidhe, Willem is fairly good at maintaining his objectivity with regards to the fey. Here's his brief introduction to the archives. Explored his compiled works at and .

The Life of a Scribe

(By Willem Ghall, Scribe of the First Order granted dominion over the library of Danu and Keeper of the All-Mother’s Archives)

Most Scribes do not include themselves within the histories they keep, as we are more the observers and chroniclers of the times we live in rather than the architects of it. Quite simply, since the Collapse no fey can fully discount their contribution to the future we must forge. For my part, I vow to keep as accurate and detailed a record as I can assemble, either through my own efforts or through documents provided by my colleagues. I shall endeavor to add to this collected work as swiftly as I am able. The works you find scattered here upon these digital pages are my early efforts. I vow to expand upon them as long as I am able, for if the Fade does not claim us all these records and scraps of history will remain to illuminate the live and times of the few survivors, and those who rose to the nobler calling of their hearts to save us all.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Can I collapse now?

Launch day! The first three The Sidhe books are up on Kindle and Smashwords. I have been killing myself for months, working toward this with total obsession. Now that it is here I am exhausted! All the formatting and loading up the files to the sites, updating the website, putting the free stories up on the blog so they will automatically post between now and mid-January, when I need to get the next batch up... And as nice as all that is...

I still have to get onto the promos and work on the new stories for November! "Champion of the Fey" is done. "Scars of Silver" is written and in edits. "Addicted" is halfway through the first draft. So no rest for the wicked, I suppose!

In case you'd like to check out the launch titles you can find them at the links below. Smashwords has a bunch of different formats, including Nook, Kindle, Sony, PDF and a many more. If you like them, I hope you'll consider leaving a little review. That would mean a lot.

End of the World on Kindle and Smashwords.
Aftershock on Kindle and Smashwords.
Cursed on Kindle and Smashword.

Now... I am going to crash... And probably dream of the Sidhe!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Feeling Unseelie?

I love this song for the Unseelie! Those dirty, little freaks. At least that's what the Seelie think. Hope you enjoy this crazy music video for "Raise your Glass" by Pink.

Gotta Love Elves!

It is so hard to figure out just exactly how to present The Sidhe and share the stories. There is a side of me that wants to be professional about it, and then there is the excited fan side of me that just wants to gush about the characters and stories with gleeful excitement. Finding a balance is a challenge. So I have given myself permission to start a personal blog where I can let my dork flag fly.

I have loved elves since I can remember. I used to read Dragonlance novels and I collected every Elfquest comic book that was printed. The magic, the grace and the beauty of the elves captivated me. When I was older I learned of the noble elves of Celtic myth, known as the Sidhe. I devoured all I could find about them, which was not much. Even still, when I fell into role-playing on the internet, my first character was a Sidhe. And so was the second, the third, the fourth and so on! Twice over the course of several years I have been a part of a large group of role-players. And even when I was gaming one on one, it was always my Sidhe characters that I played. Living in their skins, seeing the world through their perspective, and reacting to a slew of unpredictable vampires, shape-shifters, witches, deities and a smattering of various other oddities. These experiences shaped the characters and their stories in marvelous ways.

Lugh has long been by most popular character. Bold and noble. Egotistical, but with a sense of humor about it. When my fingers hover over the keys, and it is time for Lugh to come forth and do his thing, it is like channeling. He is his own person and he wouldn't have it any other way. My writing partner, Ravynheart, played Donovan in our role-playing group, and the two of them are electric as opponents. I love every second of it.

*Spoiler alert!*

One of the most exciting things about writing The Sidhe with Ravynheart is that we get to share the adventures we've built with you. You get a taste of their conflict to come in "End of the World" and "Aftershock". Over the next few books both sides work to rebuild what they lost when the Mounds collapsed, unaware that the other one survived. Once they catch wind of each other, the fey fur is going to fly!

*End Spoiler*

More than anything I hope that you enjoy the adventure and excitement. I live in this fantasy world. I live through these characters. I've been doing it for several years. My gaming partners have always been excited to see what new twist will come and have enjoyed the quality of my writing. (I have written under other pen names and been working at the craft for over a decade.) I am geeked at the chance to bring this world and these characters to life for you to enjoy, too.