Saturday, December 31, 2011

Something For The Pain

Tiernan Kilgrave's catch phrase "What do ya need?" says it all. He's a dealer in all types of illicit pleasures. This song suits Tiernan perfectly.


(Excerpt from Donovan's journal with his assessment of Tiernan)

Tiernan Kilgrave swagged with his lazily confident style and his usual smirk of self-satisfaction. Though only a century old his cocky attitude didn't soften even for the head of the Unseelie Elite. Then again, most exiles 'didn't give a shite' about the customs in the Mounds. One thing could be said for Tiernan; he embraced his Unseelie nature with as much vigor as he embraced life on the surface. Those pale eyes just focused on me with all seriousness, never acknowledging the other fey around him. To him 'earthborn' usually was synonymous with 'dumbass.' Although outwardly a laid back individual, Tiernan hadn't established himself in his amoral endeavors and criminal empire by slacking. He had been one of the key informants from some of the most secret and deadly of missions the queen of the Unseelie Court required.

enjoy: Redlight King - Something For The Pain

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