Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Flyleaf - All Around Me

Here's a song for London and all others addicted to the Touch of Sidhe magic. Here's a snippet of a scene from Cursed where London first encounters the Touch.


The closer she came to Rico the heavier the air felt. Thick with magic. London trembled. She tilted her head up to gaze into those deep eyes. Body heat spread over her like oil. His hands settled at the small of her back and pulled her body against his. His easy strength supported her even when her legs couldn’t. The first brush of his lips against hers sent a tingle through her. The flick of his tongue made her lips part to inhale him.

The kiss was sensual. Slow and deep. London closed her eyes. Breathing him in, the magic cascaded into her once more. It tasted like rain. His power soaked into her, drenched her body in bliss. London circled her arms around his neck, drawing him deeper into the kiss.

More… She wanted more…

His hands slipped down to grip her bottom. She wrapped a leg around him and ground needfully against him. The magic drove into her core, intense with sexual pleasure. She shuddered as it spared no part of her being. The magic-induced orgasm exploded within her. Power spilled from Rico into her mouth, thick and rich. The scent of storm clouds filled her awareness. The kiss washed away everything. Everything but this moment, this fulfillment, this manifestation of perfect passion. She cried out into Rico’s mouth, but refused to let their lips part so it could escape.

Suddenly, the magic ceased. Just like the flick of a switch. London’s eyes snapped open.

You work for me,” Rico informed her. “You work for no one else. You will tell me all you know, with no hesitation.”


Enjoy Flyleaf - All Around Me