Monday, December 5, 2011

Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow

In Aftershock there is a scene in the Glamour Club where a fey rock band does a cover of a 'popular song.' That song is I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin. Here's part of the scene from the book, and the Glamour Club video with the lyrics on the screen.


The band of Dark Elves, calling themselves The Fury, started up another set of rock music. Not something Donovan was very familiar with, but he liked the heavy percussion and the determination in the voice of the lead singer as he roared at the crowd that he would not bow and he would not break. Very Unseelie in sentiment. Apparently, the band played popular music because most of the fey sang along during the chorus.

Kieran and Dawn danced among the crowd, undulating against each other with more than a casual familiarity. The view from Donovans private table situated against the simple but elegant guardrail overlooked the dance floor set a couple of steps down from the main bar area of the Glamour Club. Leaning back, he cast a proprietary glance around the rest of the club, not the least surprised to find it packed on opening night. Theyd had trouble keeping the fey out until the construction was completed.


Enjoy: Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow

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