Monday, December 26, 2011

Breaking Benjamin - Dear Agony

Malcolm goes through a tough time in his first book, Scars of Silver. A song like Breaking Benjamin's "Dear Agony" captures the emotion of his horrific experience. This is a snippet that fits with the song.


Rand circled around until he towered over Malcolm’s head. He planted a booted foot on the chain linking the wrist shackles before Malcolm could flinch away. “Do it quick.”

Flora smeared the salve over his torn back. It burned like alcohol. The chains clinked as he jerked in shock and pain, but Rand’s foot pinned his arms fast to the ground. Malcolm screamed.

The goblins in the chamber clamored to the bars, hopping and laughing.

Malcolm bit back his screams. Hating… Hating how they delighted in his outcries. His throat strangled the sound. He sucked hissing breaths, shoving down the pain as much as he could. Shoving it down. Down. Down. Feel nothing. Feel nothing.

Rand backed off the chain. Malcolm rolled to his side, as he watched Rand and Flora leave the cell. The prickly burn dropped down to a full body throb.


Enjoy: Breaking Benjamin - Dear Agony (Lyrics on screen)

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