Saturday, December 17, 2011

Donovan's Tribute to the Elite

This is an excellent song for Donovan (Jhaer) and his Unseelie Elite. Here's a snippet from "Foreshadow", the free prequel to the Rise of the Unseelie available when you sign up for the newsletter.


Throwing himself bodily at the trapdoor, Jhaer burst into the room above. He dove and rolled, narrowly avoiding the blast wave of flame that chased him. No point splitting his focus on his Glamour now. The smoke filling the room swirled around him as he moved, giving away his position.

Behind Jhaer the wooden table and chairs were already kindling. Across from him, Aoife crouched behind the huge bed. A shackle hung from one wrist. A chain draped from it and attached to a ring hammered into the stone wall. A thick area rug blanketed most of the floor on that side, and it smoldered with smoky flame.

Between Jhaer and Aoife, a Sidhe fire wielder flung out a graceful arm. Fire spread across the room in lines of flame that spread in a spider-web pattern. The Sidhe was a Seelie Jhaer didn’t know, with a wicked laugh and a lethal gleam in his eyes. “Burn, baby!” He screamed, “Charbroiled Unseelie!”

The trapdoor angled up, and a Redcap poked his foul face through the opening. Too many oversized and blood-stained teeth gapped in his maul. Jhaer vaulted over the table, using the as-yet unburnt corner to propel himself. He stomped on the trapdoor with all his weight, slamming it shut on the Redcap. As he did so, he drove his magic downward into the stairwell. All of the mortar ran like fresh mud, and the stones collapsed. The steps literally melted beneath the Redcaps, their bodies smashed to the floor with a satisfying crash.

Jhaer moved once more, dodging the series of fireballs whipped at him. The wall holding the chain in place yielded to his magic and dropped the ring.

Aoife, clever enough to flee the flames weaving along the floor, rushed out onto the balcony. She looked out and down, then back. Trapped. The silver of her shackle chained her magic.

“Oh, the Unseelie knows how to dance!” the fire wielder laughed, sounding a touch more than crazy. His sweaty auburn hair stuck to his face in wild spikes. “Dodge this!” A wall of flame swept toward Jhaer with a broiling heat.


Enjoy: Disturbed-Indestructible

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