Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Little About Wizards

 Wizards, like most humans, were born without a shred of innate magic of their own. During an exhaustive apprenticeship wizards learn to use magic from external sources. Alchemy. Charms. Spells. Enchantments. All skills to be learned and tools to be used for one purpose.

To gain more power.

Certain forces and creatures are innately magical. These are ideal to use for magical works. Fey creatures are of particular importance. Their organs can be dried and ground into powder for potions. Their bones used to forge magic tools, such as knife handles or wands. Not a single part of a fey goes to waste. Certain tools, such as amulets, can drain a fey of magic, which can then be used by the wearer as their own until the supply of captured magic is spent. This is most commonly used with Glamour, but any magic can be drained and used in this manner. Because fey are such key ingredients, wizards are highly experienced in capturing them.


Wizards play a major role in Champion of the Fey and a minor role in Aftershock. Find out more about the world of The Sidhe at SidheTouch.com!

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