Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hoobastank - Crawling In The Dark

This song works perfectly for Malcolm in Scars of Silver. That one is an intense story. I'll add a snippet below to give you a taste.

(A big thanks to @yagiz who mentioned Hoobastank and reminded me of this song!)


The next time the goblins came for him they flooded into the chamber and then spilled through the bottleneck at the door of his cell, filling the space with their leathery, spindly bodies like an army of giant insects, all hive mind with one focus. Even knowing he’d lose, Malcolm never stopped struggling. Never accepted. He squirmed wildly as he bodysurfed along the mass of them, spindly arms keeping him aloft. Only then did he notice the humans beyond the mosh pit of goblins. Three females and a male, huddled close to each other, out of the sea of goblins and staring at Malcolm with starved intensity, like they could eat him up raw.

The goblins tossed Malcolm down on his partially healed back. The silver was released from his wrists. Any relief from the burns vanished under the twisting grip of clawed fingers. This time goblin hands secured his arms and legs, not bonds.

Malcolm twisted uselessly against them, growling viciously. Words meant nothing here. A wasted effort. Nothing could scream his protest louder than the violence of his struggle and the throat ripping fury in his snarl.

And all of it… None of it… mattered.


Enjoy Hoobastank - Crawling in the Dark

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