Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Life of a Scribe

The archives at Sidhe Touch website is manned by our very own Scribe. All of the documentation in the Characters section and the Fey section are compiled by Willem. Though he has worked with the All-Mother and Lugh, both very Seelie Sidhe, Willem is fairly good at maintaining his objectivity with regards to the fey. Here's his brief introduction to the archives. Explored his compiled works at and .

The Life of a Scribe

(By Willem Ghall, Scribe of the First Order granted dominion over the library of Danu and Keeper of the All-Mother’s Archives)

Most Scribes do not include themselves within the histories they keep, as we are more the observers and chroniclers of the times we live in rather than the architects of it. Quite simply, since the Collapse no fey can fully discount their contribution to the future we must forge. For my part, I vow to keep as accurate and detailed a record as I can assemble, either through my own efforts or through documents provided by my colleagues. I shall endeavor to add to this collected work as swiftly as I am able. The works you find scattered here upon these digital pages are my early efforts. I vow to expand upon them as long as I am able, for if the Fade does not claim us all these records and scraps of history will remain to illuminate the live and times of the few survivors, and those who rose to the nobler calling of their hearts to save us all.

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