Saturday, January 28, 2012

Casting Call - Kev

 Robbie Amell would be a nice addition to our fantasy casting for Cursed in the role of the hot wood elf, Kev. Check out this snippet and see if you can't just picture him in this scene with London.


The lights along the promenade gleamed as bright as a spotlight after the darkness on the pier. London struggled to orient herself. Even at this hour, the late-night weekend crowd still milled about. The volume of conversation and music sounded loud to her unaccustomed ears. Arms still embraced her securely, holding her steady. A solid and warm body pressed against her back. The voice was seductively low, “We are safe. Be easy.”

London glanced back at the elf that held her. She would not have guessed from having seen him cramped in that small cage with the others that he was this tall or toned. Gently, she disengaged his arms from around her waist. “Okay, you’ve copped enough of a feel for one rescue.” The elf laughed at that, but they both knew he’d been getting a bit more touchy feely than the situation called for. Anybody who knew anything about the fey knew they were a casually sexual bunch. A lot like vampires on that score, only without the feeding part. Well, usually without the feeding part, but not always.


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