Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Sidhe Podcast 3

 The Sidhe podcast number 3 is up and ready for viewing! This time around we talk about uber-fans, the new Sidhe Elite, as well as answering questions from some of our fans! We discuss what's coming up next, and what the readers can expecting the near future! And if you have any questions or comments, feel free to email Archer or myself! Or leave a comment under the podcast and we may very well talk about your post on the air next time!



  1. Great podcast! Sweet of you both to mention me. :)

    1. You're a part of the Glamour Club! Gotta show some love to a fellow fey. ;)

  2. Hey you two. Another great podcast.

    Yes, I remember hearing you (Ravynheart) on the interview, but it's nice to hear you with Archer. You weren't here the first week and its good to hear you both talking about the series.

    And yes, sorry I should have mentioned the laylines as being what I was thinking about with Donovan connecting to earth. This really brought out a great chat to learn from.

    And I did figure out who sent the text to London! :P I had an idea, but wasn't sure as there could have been 2 potential senders.

    Now, in talking about the Earthborn being more fertile... First, it hit me! I got the connection to the fade with some fey and why not others. And you two are sneaky about these tiny clues out there through out the three series. And the fertility, I didn't think about it but Malcolm comes from a family with TWO kids. yeah, duh *palm head* Oh! And back to the attraction to Manannan! Why was he picked to be so special by Danu? (yes I've been stuck on this thought for some time now) Does it have to do with his powers? (there is a hint about his powers in Protector of the Light) And I'm so glad to hear we will learn of him in Book 5. This is definitely one plot like I want to get the answers to.

    Thanks for the mention. :)

    Have a great week you two!

  3. And I forgot to turn the page on my little note pad... ;) Yes, I'm a geek at heart. lol

    Feel I've really learned a lot about the world listening today. Such a complex world you have created and seems as the fey have some hidden knowledge but you just have to listen very closely to pick it up.

    And talking of fertility...there are probably many more Sidhe out there on Earth, in which to come in contact with. You just have to find them. They are sneaky buggers, hidden away.