Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ultimate Urban Fantasy Podcast

 Getting the word out about The Sidhe Series and sharing with readers about the genre of Urban Fantasy has been one of our challenges since we first began our publishing journey. S. Ravynheart and I have tried different techniques, like the blog tours, twitter and social media, and chatting up wonderful folks on message boards. Each one has had its benefits, but nothing that had much staying power. Each tweet, blog post, and message post is but a tiny ripple in the water that quickly gets lost in the sea of other ripples.

To try and communicate with readers and fans of the urban fantasy genre, and share our passion with people who are just discovering the genre, we've teamed up with actress and voice talent, Sherri Semine, to create the Ultimate Urban Fantasy podcast.

On the weekly episodes of the Ultimate Urban Fantasy podcast we discuss books, movies, TV shows, and games that appeal to the Urban Fantasy fan. You can watch our live Google Hangout sessions on Youtube (now with all the bloopers and goofiness left in), listen or watch from our website, or subscribe to us on podcatchers like iTunes. We also have twitter, facebook and google plus, if you want to follow us there.

We feel that this will give our readers and fans a chance to see us, and get to know us. I've felt a connection with podcasters I follow, and even feel like listening to them is like spending an afternoon chatting with a friend. I am hoping our listeners/ viewers feel the same way about us. We hope you'll check out the podcast and let us know what you think. :)

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