Monday, September 23, 2013

Secrets of the Dark

 Our first Paranormal Romance release!

 All of our books so far have been Urban Fantasy, but with Secrets of the Dark, we are taking a leap into Paranormal Romance. Loads of sizzling and intense scenes in this one! This novel was previously published through a traditional publisher under a different pen name. We've got the rights back and we are re-releasing it under the Archer and Ravynheart names. It is one of my favorite books and we really hope you love it!

I just love the cover Ravynheart made! Just stunning!


Dangerous and magical in ways she never imagined, Simon sweeps into Tia's life one stormy night and single-handedly shatters her reality. Her friends insist Simon is a threat, and even though Tia knows they are right, his passion and magic draws them together. Could it be that she and Simon are truly soul mates, like he claims? Or is he just using her to increase his magical powers? Simon’s enemies believe so, and they are determined to keep them apart, even if it means killing them.

Genre: HOT Paranormal Romance
Length: Novel (70,000 words)

Available at Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, and Smashwords. Coming soon to Barnes and Noble and Kobo.

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