Tuesday, February 14, 2012

S. Ravynheart on Journal Jabber Podcast Tonight!

 The Sidhe author and co-creator S. Ravynheart (@Ravynheart) will the guest on the Journal Jabber podcast tonight (2-14-2012) at 9PM EST. He'll be interviewed about The Sidhe, especially on the Rise of the Unseelie series for which he is the lead creator. Co-author and co-creator S.A. Archer that's me ;) will be in the chat room during the podcast. We'll be talking urban fantasy with the lovely and funny ladies of the Journal Jabber podcast, and we hope you'll join us for the fun.

You can either just tune in and listen to the podcast by going to the Journal Jabber page and selecting the show. Or you can double your fun and join the chat room during the show!

To sign up for the chat room go to the Journal Jabber page and sign in at the top right. The easiest way is to sign in with your facebook, twitter, google, or mySpace ID. (If you choose to register with the site to log in, it will act like you are going to sign up to be a broadcaster. That's cool, you can go that route, just sign up for a 'free' account and put whatever in the 'podcast name and description', and then confirm your email and all that fun stuff. And then come back to the link above and sign in to join the chat. It's a little bit of work going that route, but who knows, maybe it'll inspire you to start a podcast of your own! LOL!) Once you sign in, go to the show page and scroll all the way down past the show info and the comments. The chat room won't show up until 15 minutes or so before the show.

I am excited about tonight! Hope you all tune into the podcast and join me in the chat. Ravynheart might even jump in with us after the interview!

See you all tonight at 9pm!

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