Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Soul Asylum - Runaway Train

This is a powerful song for Malcolm, the young earthborn Sidhe in Scars of Silver. Like most of the earthborn Sidhe, he is untrained in magic and uneducated in the ways of the fey. He doesn't realize the threats he faces from predators. As a runaway he's got no one to count on and trust is a dangerous risk, as we see in this snippet from the urban fantasy series, Rise of the Unseelie.


Malcolm still smelled like industrial hand soap from his sink bath at the gas station. He wiped the pocket fuzz from the black plastic comb that was only missing a couple teeth and then battled the knots in his too long hair. His reflection in the store window winced back at him. The skater boy hair served a purpose beyond just announcing to the world that he didn’t have the cash for a haircut. The unruly waves covered the telltale point to his ears.

Even after he beat the worst of the dirt off his clothing, Malcolm still looked like what he was, a homeless teen.

It wasn’t like he couldn’t go back. They’d take him back. He knew they would. Only, if he went back home they’d never let him leave again. “For his own protection.” That’s what they’d say. That’s what they always said. Like house arrest was what it was. Some kind of fey witness protection program or something.

Only, if they’d ever let him get out at least once in a while, he probably would know something. Like how to get money. Or food. Or a warm place to crash. Instead of having to figure a way to steal what he needed.

Malcolm crouched down behind the lunch special sign, waiting for customers to venture into the Fairy Circle shop. Probably a waste of time, only Malcolm lacked for any better ideas. Not like he could ask someone for directions to a fey hangout or anything.
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Get involved: Find out what you can do to help homeless and runaway teens at the National Runaway Switchboard http://www.1800runaway.org/

enjoy: Soul Asylum - Runaway Train

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