Friday, June 15, 2012

Heavy Metal is So Unseelie

 Our awesome and lovely Glamour Club DJ @RegencyEmma suggested this song for the Unseelie. In real life, Emma is a sweet and awesome supporter of the Sidhe, giving us Glamour Club song suggestions and shout-outs on Twitter. It's hard to think about the Glamour Club on this blog without thinking of her! (See how many song suggestions she's made?) So of course, Ravynheart and I had to bring her fictionally into the 'real' Glamour Club itself. She had a cameo is Eyes of Magic, as the fairy DJ who keeps the music flowing when there isn't a live band. Watch for her to show up again in Bloodhound, the next of the Rise of the Unseelie books.

Do you have a song suggestion or a casting call suggestion? Let me know at Archer [at]

Thanks for today's song suggestion Emma!

Enjoy: Black Veil Bride - Never Give In

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