Friday, June 8, 2012

Casting Call: Bryce

 For our fantasy cast, we have selected Lucas Till as the actor we'd love to see in the role of the Unseelie firebrand, Bryce. The character of Bryce makes his first appearance in Aftershock, when Donovan finds him locked up for arson. Because he was untrained in his magic he couldn't help accidentally setting things alight. Since joining the Sidhe of the Glamour Club he's gained a lot of control. Bryce appears throughout the Rise of the Unseelie urban fantasy series.

Here's a snippet from Eyes of Magic, when Malcolm is first introduced to Bryce...

For the rest of the afternoon Kieran played tour guide, giving Malcolm the lay of the club. Flats on the second floor, and all of the ‘earthborn’ Sidhe stayed there. Counting Malcolm, there were just five of them so far, but there were enough flats for more. Donovan wasn’t an earthborn and had his own place somewhere on the basement level. The Glamour Club pretty much filled up the main floor, with some offices and storerooms in the back. The best was the lower level, which was one massive training area with a boxing ring, tumbling mat, punching bags, balance beam, targets, and a whole wall mounted with all manner of weapons. The place smelled like sweat and magic.

Malcolm whispered in awe, “Bloody brilliant.”

The only one other person besides them in the whole basement was a redheaded fellow who pitched fist-sized balls of fire at a metal target. Flames flickered over his entire body, but didn’t catch his clothes on fire. Each fireball he flung whooshed through the air and then burst on the metal target. Kieran called out to him, “Hey Bryce, meet Malcolm.”

Flames licked over him even as he reached out to shake hands. Malcolm jerked away, but Bryce just laughed, “Kinda twitchy, isn’t he?”

Malcolm backed off from him as Bryce went back to blasting the paint off the target. Blokes with flames coming out of their skin shouldn’t be practical jokers.

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