Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Casting Call - Malcolm

 The actor I have always thought of as Malcolm is Jason Behr. He would definitely be a great pick for our fantasy cast for the urban fantasy series, Rise of the Unseelie. It's a challenge to pick a scene in Scars of Silver, where we first discover Malcolm, without giving away spoilers. His tale in Scars of Silver and in the upcoming Eyes of Magic is heart wrenching and intense. We've featured a number of songs in the Glamour Club dedicated to Malcolm that captures some of the emotion in his story.

Here's the back cover blurb for Scars of Silver, which gives you a bit of a taste of who Malcolm is at the beginning of his story.


You’d think the fey would have each others' backs. That’s what you’d think… if you never met any.

Malcolm is Sidhe, the only race that possesses the coveted magic of the Touch. He’s also an untrained teenage runaway who only just discovered that he’s fey. He thought the fey would have each others' backs. That’s what he honestly thought…

Until he met a Changeling.


If you don't mind a slight spoiler, here's a brief scene with Malcolm from Scars of Silver.

The goblins spilled into the cell. For once Malcolm didn’t resist them as they shoved and cajoled him out into the chamber. They released the shackles, letting them clatter to the stone floor. Malcolm examined his ruined wrists. More bone exposed than last time. Bigger than his thumbprint on the right side. The wounds gave off a hot, coppery stench. Slick and gnarled like raw meat all the way around. How much longer before the silver burned through the tendons and crippled his hands permanently?

The goblins ringed around the three of them, chattering and eager, sensing impending violence. Rand restrained Flora, preventing her escape despite her struggling, her hair a mess. Malcolm opposite them, nude and glaring. Fists and teeth clenched.

“Come on, Sidhe.” Rand chuckled, his voice cold and mirthless. “You know you want your revenge on her.”

Flora kicked out at Malcolm, but missed. “No! Don’t Touch me!”

Malcolm leveled a deadly stare at her. How could she, who never showed mercy, expect mercy from him? From him, of all people? Because of her everything was stolen from him. He had nothing but pain and fury. All because of her. She’d seen him, a homeless kid, dumb as a stump. Trusting. An easy victim. That kid would never hurt her. That kid was gone now. Beaten to death long ago.

“She sold you for the goods to make that brew you’ve been downing. Cases of the stuff.” Rand gave her a jerk. “What do you sell it for, eh? Five thousand a bottle?”

It was true. The terror in her eyes proved it.

Malcolm stalked forward. He reached for her face.


Scars of Silver 

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