Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Casting Call - Joe Lansing

 The actor we would love to cast as Joe Lansing from the Touched series is Sullivan Stapleton. He's tough, confident, and good looking. The kind of guy London would want covering her back on a temple raid. We've definitely not seen the last of him. Like London, he's a human addicted to the Touch, and he's going to be playing a role in the story that will be unfolding.

A big Thank You to Kat McCarthy of the Smitten by Bad Boy Heroes blog (@SmittenBadBoys) for the casting call suggestion, and to Melissa (@MelLHay) and Emma (@RegencyEmma) for chiming in with their approval for this casting call pick!

Here's a little blurb from the urban fantasy novella Addicted, when London first encounters Joe.


Of those gathered, only one stayed off to the side by himself. He had the look of military or law enforcement about him. While tension or fear painted the features of the others, he projected confidence. He wore jeans that fit him nice. A white t-shirt under an open flannel shirt, with a durable looking denim jacket on top, dressed in layers in case the mission took them through the heat of the day and the chill of the night. The steel toe boots were an interesting choice as was the cowboy hat. The hat was not fancy and had seen a lot of use. A pair of UV sunglasses hooked in the front pocket of the jacket. A Glock was holstered on his hip under the flannel, which was not tucked in like the t-shirt was. In his forties, she guessed from the hardness to his face, but physically fit. He had the look of someone who knew how to handle himself and had done so on many occasions. With his arms crossed, and the prepared but patient way he leaned back on the hood of his jeep, he didn’t seem terribly approachable. And while she’d been assessing him, his pale blue eyes had been giving it right back at her. She could see how that level look could intimidate, but she’d stared into some fierce parahuman and fey faces before, and not many humans had the mojo to intimidate her after that.


  1. Yep. He's perfect! And I love this pic with the scratch on the bridge of his nose. Makes him look rough, and tough, ready to battle. lol.

  2. So glad i could help. i really loved him in the show Strikeback. I don't watch a lot of TV but that show came highly recommended by a friend. I can totally see him backing up London and he is sexy as hell (even with the big ole' wound on his nose…)lol! and don't forget how he fights with a towel…a skill you never know can come in handy.