Thursday, April 26, 2012

Free on Amazon!

 Eyes of Magic, the latest in the urban fantasy series Rise of the Unseelie will be free on Amazon today, April 26th through April 28th, 2012. Download your free copy from Amazon US or Amazon UK. (Also available on all the other Amazon stores online.)


He's defective. Damaged. Malcolm knows he is. How could he not be, after a year of torture in the belly of a goblins' nest? The only magic he can do is the Touch, a perverted magic he despises and learned at the end of a whip. Everyone else in the Glamour Club has loads of magic, but not him. He doesn't fit it. But if he can't find his magic, and his place among the Sidhe, then where could he go? And what if those that enslaved him before came after him again?

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Length: Novella
Series: Rise of the Unseelie

Companion Series: Touched, Champion of the Sidhe

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