Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Sidhe Podcast #1

 The first video podcast for The Sidhe, an urban fantasy series by S. Ravynheart and S.A. Archer. In this episode, Archer is flying solo, and talks about the new release, Bloodhound - Rise of the Unseelie #4, and the upcoming books in the Touched and Champion of the Sidhe series. She also discusses the reason for the serial novella style of storytelling, and touches on the overview of the world.

In this podcast Archer asks for your vote on which story of the Sidhe should be recorded as a free podiobook. Vote by commenting here in the blog, or by tweeting @The_Sidhe or by emailing to archer[at]sidhetouch[dot]com. The first book to get 10 votes will be recorded. Let us know what you want! We suggest either Cursed, Aftershock or In Whom You Trust and End of the World.

And let us know what you'd like us to discuss on future podcasts!


  1. Well, we know who is loving Malcolm. lol! And so cool to hear Joe will be back. :)

    I have to say it's great to hear you! And glad you finally did it. I know we chatted about doing podcasts, and you were nervous. But you did wonderful, when you got lost in sharing and talking you really seemed to relax a good deal.

  2. Thanks Melissa! Your encouragement means a lot! :D

  3. Votes for the podiobook from Twitter so far:

    @ReadingListM - Aftershock
    @RegencyEmma - Cursed
    @MelLHay - In Whom You Trust and End of the World
    @soulswallo - Aftershock

  4. In Whom You trust and End of the World gets my vote for the first podiobook.

  5. how do you pronounce Sidhe? When i pronounce it, i say sid he. I am curious. In the pod cast 1 i thought i heard you pronounce it as she.

    1. Thanks for the comments Maryjane! Sidhe is pronounced 'she'. It's a Gaelic term, and like so many Gaelic words the spelling and the pronunciation are not always obvious. Hope this helps! :D