Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Sidhe Podcast 2

In the second The Sidhe podcast Ravynheart and Archer talk about the new release Bloodhound, about the progress on the audio recording of In Whom You Trust and End of the World, and about Touched humans and how they play a role in the world of The Sidhe.

A couple of corrections, the scene with Joe that is discussed took place in Eyes of Magic, not Bloodhound. Also, it will be Defender of Magic that will be released next, with Compelling coming out a little later.

Also we discuss plans to do more stuff with mailing list, including exclusive or early content.

Plus a lot of laughs and fun.


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  1. Hey! Great to hear you got Ravynheart to join you. Cool. Boy, Ravynheart, you really don't want to give much up on the stories. Hmm, we'll have to talk you out of more. ;)

    And Archer, sorry to say but I'm Unseelie at heart and love my dragons. lol. And mentioning dragons sounds like they are a little secretive, we'll have to work on them some.

    Oh I got the email you mentioned about the Sidhe Elite. Cool.

    Joe and Riley will be back. Great to hear! I really think there is a lot you could do with Joe, and I'm curious about Riley.

    I was curious...being of Earth magic, could Donovan touch Earth magic easier than Lugh? That's how he kind of already knew it was there, but didn't ever need to use it until Mounds fell. Just curious.

    We so need to get Lugh back into the grove here. I look forward to more stories with him.

    Oh you have to get the real thing sticky notes. Not just the ones on your computer screen! I have them everywhere here. lol

    Oh Ravynheart, sinuses are hell at this moment everywhere. I feel your pain. Really. In PA It's miserable!

    Um, mention of Cliffhangers! Yeah! With London... *cough* And thank you Ravynheart for sticking up for UF. It is the urban part of fantasy with loads of fighting....and death, maybe. ;)

    Interesting on the more fertile on Earth than in Mounds. I'm curious on that concept and why. I hope you get to touch on that in the stories.

    Also, very nice pictures floating through the video. There are a few there I've not seen before. Nicely done.