Friday, December 28, 2012

Progress Report 12/28

 The challenge with the final books in each of the 3 mini-series (Rise of the Unseelie, Touched, and Champion of the Sidhe) is that the stories are so interconnected at this point, and yet each has a unique story and a unique perspective. Getting the balance just right requires working on all three at once. It's been quite a juggling act, I can tell you!

In the story review with Ravynheart, a couple key scenes in Captivated had to get completely cut, and London's book required an entirely new approach. Which then rippled across to the other two books, Uprising and Keeper of Secrets. I think the new approach and the changes will make the story much stronger, and fans of London will like the new story twists and London's approach to them. (I hope!) More than anything, I do not want to release something that is less than the very best that we can make it.

At the moment, Uprising should be in its final form and ready for the editors when the time comes. Keeper of Secrets is very close to being done, and should hopefully go quickly once London's re-write is done. The holidays slowed done the work, but hopefully we'll be back on track now. I'm excited to get these new scenes written and edited, so I am hoping it will go fast!

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