Sunday, February 3, 2013

New Release!

 Captivated - Touched # 5

Lugh’s hand fisted in her hair, getting her undivided attention. His voice deepened, dangerous and edgy. “No more freelance work.” With a serious tilt of his head and glare that tolerated no argument, he added, “Particularly with wizards or Changelings.”
That stole her spit.
She had to clear her throat before she could ask, “So Kev told you?” And no doubt the wood elf had known everything about her tarnished reputation, given that he’d apparently been hanging around the Unseelie.
“What he did not tell me, I suspected.” With the slow roll of his wrist, Lugh angled her neck. He stared at her throat. Lips parted. Fixated, like a vampire.

London’s had a rough journey and made some bad choices. She’s on the Unseelie hit list and hoping that hooking up with a Seelie is the answer to all her problems. Only now that she’s beginning to get a glimpse of the bigger picture, she finds herself at ground zero of more magical trouble than she ever expected.

As Season One of The Sidhe wraps up with the fifth books, the three companion series collide. Captivated is the final book in the Touched mini-series, and sets up the action and intrigue coming in Season Two of The Sidhe - a creatively innovative serialized urban fantasy adventure.

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