Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Release!

 The first mini-series collection from Season One of The Sidhe is now available on Amazon

London’s got a handle on life, even with vampire for friends and werewolves for clients. A couple of weeks ago, she even branched out and did a job for a wizard. So when a drop-dead gorgeous Sidhe, one of the more dangerous races of fey, wants to hire her, London Eyer hasn’t a clue just how out of control her life will become. Just one Touch, and she’s cursed for life. The addictive magic of the Sidhe shreds her like nothing she could have imagined. Leaving her with only the question… Will she serve the Sidhe? Or hunt them?

~54,000 words of intense Urban Fantasy action and adventure!~

Note: Touched is one of three companion series that comprises Season One of The Sidhe. These three storylines take place concurrently, and have cross-overs and interweaving storyline threads that closely bind the three mini-series. The Champion of the Sidhe mini-series follows Lugh’s story. The Rise of the Unseelie follows Donovan, Malcolm, Kieran and the other earthborns.

P.S. - Don’t get confused! All 15 episodes from all three mini-series are also available in a 2 volume collection (Scattered Magic and Remnants of Magic). So why do we have the episodes released in different ways? Some folks only want to read one or two mini-series, while some want to have all the episodes in the recommended reading order. We want you to be able to have the stories YOUR WAY!

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