Thursday, May 10, 2012

Casting Call: Kieran

 If we get the chance to make a television series of The Sidhe urban fantasy adventure, the actor we'd most like to cast as Kieran is Matt Bomer. If you've ever seen his delicious combination of sexiness and humor on the TV show "White Collar" then you know why he'd be perfect. Kieran, or Kie as he's called by some of his friends, is one of the young earthborn Sidhe. By definition, the Sidhe are all extremely attractive, which Matt Bomer definitely is! Even among the casually sexual fey, Kieran is the playboy of the Glamour Club. He's more than just a hot Sidhe, though. Kieran's good nature and friendship with the other earthborns brings the Unseelie closer as a group. He was the first to befriend the troubled Malcolm, taking on a role someplace between a friend and a 'big brother'. Kieran has made appearances in all of the books of the Rise of the Unseelie series, but he'll become a more central character as the story continues to evolve. Watch for Kieran in a major crossover with the Touched urban fantasy series in the upcoming story, Enchanted


  1. Love it! So perfect for the character. But I would have to change Jennifer Conelly as London. Maybe that Syfy's Lost Girl Anna Silk. She's the one I pictured as I was reading Enchanted.

  2. Glad you approve of Kieran's Casting Call! I will definitely check out your suggestion for London. Thanks for the input!