Monday, May 7, 2012

Teaser: Enchanted

 (Here's a teaser for Enchanted, the third book in the Touched series. This teaser is from the pre-edited manuscript, and subject to change before release.)

London wasn’t looking for Mr. Right. Not even Mr. Right Now. No, she searched for someone much more special than that. More unique. She searched for someone with that special Touch. The Touch she craved. The Touch she would die without.

Most humans cursed with this particular addiction died lonely, miserable deaths. But London wasn’t like most humans. She wouldn’t go out that way.

Six weeks.

For six weeks she’d scrounged for every lead. Hit up favors from every underworld scum, fey or otherwise. Promised some disgusting favors to others, if they could point her in the right direction.

Six weeks of total agony. The need… the longing twisted within her, becoming more and more unbearable with each breath. Finding a Sidhe wasn’t an option. It meant her life and her sanity.

But finding this special someone was only the first problem. The second… well, that’s what the gun was for.

So when she spotted tall, dark, and Sidhe slipping out of the curtain of Glamour that hid the entrance to a fey-only club, London trailed him from the shadows. London knew how to tail a suspect and this fellow appeared too preoccupied fiddling with his smart phone to notice much around him.

To the uninitiated, this particular Sidhe could pass for human. A really sexy human male. The kind of sexy that made you stare. The kind of drop-dead gorgeous Hollywood would pay millions for, but could only achieve after hours in a make-up chair, careful camera angles, and creative lighting. There’s simply no such thing as an unattractive Sidhe. Heck, there was no such thing as a kind-of good-looking Sidhe. They were all... every last cursed one of them... too damned sexy for anyone’s good.

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