Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Casting Call: Trip

 For our fantasy cast, the actress we'd most like to see play the role of Trip is the lovely Emmy Rossum. Trip is one of the earthborn Sidhe in the Rise of the Unseelie urban fantasy series. Her aspect of magic is 'shadow' and she already has some skill in her shadow weaving. To fit in better among the humans, Trip had plastic surgery to alter the elven points of her ears to a more rounded shape. We first meet Trip in Aftershock where she was captured by wizards before Donovan finds her. We get to discover a little more about her in Eyes of Magic, through her run ins with Malcolm. Look for Trip to continue to grow as the series progresses. She has a 'shadowy' past that has yet to be revealed.

A big thanks to @RegencyEmma for the casting call suggestion! If you have a casting call or Glamour Club suggestion send me a message on twitter @The_sidhe or email me Archer [at]

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