Sunday, November 18, 2012

Progress Report 11-18

 So I have the word count for Captivated now at 7376, which is shy of my goal but that is OK at this point in the process. The important part is that I have the framework in place and I can build on it. So that is my next phase that I am going to start today, which is to flesh out Captivated. This will probably involve working with scenes in both Captivated and Keeper of Secrets, since they are so closely tied together. I feel on track and I think it may be possible to have Captivated, and possibly Keeper of Secrets, out to the beta readers and editors by the end of November, which would rock big time!

Meanwhile, Ravynheart has been doing the covers for the series collections that will eventually be coming out, and I am really excited about that! They are coming out very cool looking. I can't wait for him to reveal them.

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