Monday, November 5, 2012

The Sidhe Podcast 4

 In this podcast we talk about Compelled, the next book in the Touched series. With our usual antics and laughter, we discuss the promises that we make to the reader, and how we try and fulfill those promises in each book. The characters are alive in our heads, and we chat about who talks to us most and how we try and stay true to their voice and their personalities.

Due to technical issues as YouTube was going through upgrades we weren't able to post this sooner. But now it is appearing to be running fine, so we hope you don't encounter any problems with viewing it.



  1. Great podcast.

    So excited for the 5th instalments! *Grins*

  2. Hey guys. Sorry I'm so late in getting by. Finally got a bit of time to listen. Oh so much!

    I see the London timidness due to being attacked. More in Compelled, definitely. I took it as she's growing. Becoming Aware, cautious. Her eyes are now opening to what she's been doing, unaware of the affects in a world she doesn't know.

    And Yes! Glad to hear more action. I'm a sucker for action. :)

    I did get the feeling in the last Unseelie story that the teens are growing with the training Donovan starts putting them through. There is a lot more to come from them.

    Oh Google Hangouts. Cool. I've got the laptop back and have the vid cam now. :)

    Night time writing. The mind seems to relax and roam easier at night. Like the gates are open to flow where ever the mind can imagine.

    And NOOOOO!!!! London CAN NOT and WILL NOT be with Donovan. So glad to hear that. They do not fit at all!

    And thank you Archer. You are right about the blog name, got it on the nose. :) Oh, by the way, you shouldn't have told Ravynheart that we were ganging upon him. Geez. Now he'll be aware of our plans. And yes, I said no diaper changing for Donovan. But it was good for a laugh. lol!

    Interesting to learn about half-blooded Sidhe here too.

    Thanks guys!